Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out review

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The middle-aged dads of alternative comedy return once more with a holiday special which -as can only be expected from the pair- has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas or the New Year.

This return of the cult comedy hit conjures a half hour of surreal vignettes, made up of set-pieces and sketches which contain an oddness and occasional darkness to make something unlike anything else currently on TV.

Whilst the pair’s on-screen dynamic is reminiscent of Morecambe and Wise, the content is somewhat more psychedelic than their predecessors. However, it is entertaining throughout, containing jabs at popular culture, observational comedians and even trousers. Despite its abstract and meandering qualities, it even has solid jokes in there!

Vic and Bob are one of the few remains of the 90s/00s alternative circuit on mainstream television, and it is easy to see their continued influence on shows such as the Mighty Boosh, League of Gentlemen and the likes of Stewart Lee. Whilst a first time watcher may leave more confused than anything else, fans of the show will be pleased to hear it remains as consistently silly as any of their previous work. In particular, fans of the segment Novelty Island will be glad to see its return along with Graham Lister.

Overall, I would say that the show is a whimsical and strange delight to cut through the more formulaic and schmaltzy affairs and worth a watch if you need a comedy palate cleanser.