‘Fortitude’ Season 2 episode guide: What happens next?

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Sky Atlantic’s heart-stopping thriller Fortitude is back for a second season.

As we rejoin the island, the residents have overcome the parasites that tore their peaceful community apart. But their respite from chaos is set to be short lived, with the mainland cutting off funding and supplies, and Dan and Eric absent from a threadbare police force, just as Fortitude is rocked by another mysterious death.

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Creator and writer Simon Donald has teased: “Rather than a fresh start, where everybody’s all washed and scrubbed ready for a new adventure, we were looking for the right place to come into a story that still had a lot of consequences in play from the world we’d just left. We wanted there to be mysteries that had grown out of the first season that had to be addressed. The turmoil that the parasites created has died down, but the reverberations are still consuming various characters.”


Episode 1

Thursday 26 January 2017, 9pm

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In 1942, a monstrous figure wreaks havoc just 60 miles north of Fortitude as a blood aurora burns in the sky. This same phenomenon flickers above present day Fortitude as the remote Arctic town struggles to find a sense of normality. As Eric desperately searches for Dan, he and his strained police force attempt to keep law and order, while Governor Odegard grapples with an intrusive government figure.

Down by the harbour, fisherman Michael Lennox receives some information that could change his fortunes and provide a glimmer of hope for his wife. Meanwhile, Natalie and Vincent destroy all traces of the horror that once plagued the town and finally embrace their feelings for each other. But this fragile community will never be the same again, and what at first seems to be a careless snow-plough accident is soon revealed to be something else entirely.


Episode 2

Thursday 2 February 2017, 9pm

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As a mysterious figure roams across the Arctic tundra, Eric and Odegard consider Dan’s prognosis and what he may have been capable of during his absence. The police follow their first lead and uncover the dark past of the beheading victim, but Ingrid discovers something that troubles her. Could someone she loves be involved?

Odegard meets with the Fortitude Arctic Research Centre’s newest member, Dr Khatri. An expert in viruses and pathogens, Khatri is ministering to a comatose Elena, despite local disapproval and someone lurking in the shadows. Meanwhile, a reluctant Michael is called into action when the local school has an unexpected and dangerous visitor. Plus, Odegard is left reeling after some devastating news, just as Eric defies her expectations and heads off to find his suspect.


Episode 3

Thursday 9 February 2017, 9pm

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The police pursue their suspect and attempt to lock down the investigation just as their sheriff miraculously disappears from his hospital bed. Meanwhile, Odegard receives a mysterious call from an old friend and recruits Michael to sail to the nearby town of Vukobejina.

Natalie and Vincent prepare for their latest field trip, but Vincent is still traumatised and sure there is something lurking in the wilderness. And just as the police think they have the case all sewn up, a mysterious figure and a fresh corpse turn everything upside down.


Episode 4

Thursday 16 February 2017, 9pm

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As the identity of the latest victim becomes apparent, Rune reveals the extent of his involvement in the case, much to Ingrid’s dismay. Vincent and Natalie’s field trip takes a turn for the worse as they both come to terms with Vincent’s new condition and discover something terrifying out on the ice.

Dan makes his speedy recovery known to the town and surprises a fearful Dr Khatri in her own home. Then, determined to find out what Governor Munk is really up to, Odegard hatches a plan with Michael and discovers more than she bargained for.


Episode 5

Thursday 23 February 2017, 9pm

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As the town comes together to mourn its loss, an uninvited guest turns the wake into chaos. The police team are falling apart, but Eric, determined to prove himself, heads off in pursuit of the mysterious figure, who seems to know more than even the police. Odegard receives an unusual package from her old friend in Vukobejina, a Russian film from 1942, which Michael believes could hold the key to curing Freya.

Ingrid suspects that her mother may be hiding a fugitive and the latest police discovery proves too much for Munk, as he begins to fear the implications. Meanwhile, Vincent is faced with a stark reality, as Natalie confesses she hasn’t been entirely truthful.


Episode 6

Thursday 2 March 2017, 9pm

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While Dr Khatri covers her tracks after her prisoner’s escape, Michael presents the research team with the Vukobejina film, but fails to get the reaction he was hoping for – he’s going to have to take matters into his own hands.

As Natalie attempts to clear the air with Vincent, our killer begins to feel the consequences of his actions. Meanwhile Odegard has returned to town armed with evidence against the corrupt Munk. As her accusations fall on deaf ears and Eric implodes, Odegard decides to confront Munk herself.


Episode 7

Thursday 9 March 2017, 9pm

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The investigation grinds to a halt as Eric flounders and Munk begins to buckle under the strain. With no leads and an absent sheriff, Ingrid and Petra are left to their own devices. Michael’s determination pays off when he finally discovers the weather station, but Freya’s condition begins to deteriorate. Natalie’s suspicions towards Dr Khatri begin to grow, yet Vincent is unwilling to help.

Frustrated, Natalie turns to another, but can they be trusted? Meanwhile, as Ingrid and Petra brood in the Blue Fox, a terrible discovery is revealed which rips the heart out of the town. Fortitude will never be the same again.


Episode 8

Thursday 16 March 2017, 9pm

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As day breaks over Fortitude, both the town and the police are left reeling after the recent discovery and its tragic implications. As the horrific tale unfolds, Eric breaks, but some people aren’t convinced and Ingrid and Petra set out to seek the truth. Dr Khatri is interested in a different revelation. Convinced she has found the scientific holy grail she risks everything to obtain this miraculous new subject.

Meanwhile, with his hope for Freya lost, Michael returns home. But his trip may not have been for nothing, as Vincent soon takes an interest in the curious bundle brought back from the tundra. And as suspicions are raised over Munk, Michael and Ingrid discover that Freya is missing…


Episode 9

Thursday 23 March 2017, 9pm

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The tables are turned as Dan finds himself at the mercy of the man he has hunted. Determined to find justice, Michael and Ingrid take the investigation into their own hands and a trail of deception begins to unfold.

Meanwhile, Natalie falls victim to Fortitude’s latest threat. Distraught and horrified, Vincent turns to the very woman Natalie fears most.


Episode 10

Thursday 30 March 2017, 9pm

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With the case closed, Dan and his team are left to clear up the mess. But when a gruesome discovery is called in, it becomes clear that Fortitude is now under threat from something of a very different nature. Meanwhile, Dr Khatri obtains a new recruit in a last-ditch effort to complete her mission, while Munk welcomes outside help, but things are now beyond his control.

With the community restless and suspicions taking hold, the town is a powder keg, and all it will take is one person to ignite it. As armed strangers zone in on their target, and Michael tracks down his wife’s last hope, Vincent realises that the town is hurtling towards catastrophe.


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