‘Foyle’s War’ Season 8 episode guide

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Michael Kitchen return to ITV as Senior Intelligence Officer Christopher Foyle in three new feature-length Foyle’s War films.

Written by creator Anthony Horowitz and inspired by real events in the early Cold War, Season 8 follow Foyle’s battles in the dangerous world of espionage, at a time in our country’s history when political and foreign governmental relationships were delicately balanced.

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Returning cast include Honeysuckle Weeks as Samantha Stewart, Daniel Weyman as Adam Wainwright, Ellie Haddington as Hilda Pierce, Tim McMullan as Valentine and Rupert Vandsittart as Sir Alec Myerson.

Guest stars include John Mahoney (Frasier), Richard Lintern (Silent Witness), Nigel Lindsay (Four Lions), Jaime Winstone (Mad Dogs) and William Postlethwaite (Midsomer Murders).


Episode 1: ‘High Castle’

Sunday 4 January 2015, 8pm

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‘High Castle’ focuses on the American oil companies who worked closely with IG Farben (Germany’s biggest oil company) to provide fuel essential for Hitler’s War Machine.

This episode touches on the Nuremberg trials and the lesser known story of thirty executives from IG Farben who built their own concentration camp near Auschwitz called Monowitz.

Foyle is drawn into their world when a London University Professor, William Knowles, is found dead in a park after working as a translator in Germany.

It looks like he may have taken a bribe to carry information back to England for a suspected Nazi war criminal; Herman Linz. When the Nazi war criminal is found dead, Foyle is under no illusion that foul play is behind the academic’s murder.

Sam decides to step up her role at work and volunteers for a risky undercover job and Foyle unaware of her pregnancy agrees.


Episode 2: ‘Trespass’

Sunday 11 January 2015, 8pm

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‘Trespass’ explores the tangled web of British promises to create a state of Israel in British Palestine.

When a young man is assaulted in the grounds of a university, Foyle wonders if the attack is racially motivated as the victim is the wealthy son of a high profile Jewish businessman.

Tensions are also starting to run high in London with Guy Spencer, a charismatic right-wing leader, but it looks like there may be more to his prison release than meets the eye, and Spencer is in fact being set up to take the spotlight off a dangerous espionage operation involving MI6.

Sam meanwhile is determined to help a young boy she meets in hospital suffering from whooping cough; the NHS is still to come on-line and she sees that Adam’s constituents are in need of greater state care after the deprivations of the war.


Episode 3: ‘Elise’

Sunday 18 January 2015, 8.15pm

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Foyle must re- examine Hilda Pierce’s top secret role during the war within SOE (Special Operations Executive) when an attempted assassination is carried out on Hilda outside MI5.

SOE French section sent many agents behind enemy lines and Foyle suspects the shooting may be connected to the hunt for a traitor within SOE called Plato who could have been behind the deaths of nine agents in France.

Meanwhile, Sam is faced with a dilemma when Adam and Glenvil decide to crack down on the blackmarket in East Peckham resulting in Adam’s arrest when some illegal cigarettes are planted in their home.


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