‘Last Tango in Halifax’ Season 3 episode guide

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Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid are back as love struck septuagenarians Alan and Celia for a third season of BBC One’s Last Tango in Halifax.

Sarah Lancashire (Happy Valley) and Nicola Walker (Spooks) also return as Caroline and Gillian, with Sherlock‘s Rupert Graves joining the cast as Gary.

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Episode 1

Sunday 28 December 2014, 9pm

We join the first episode on Valentine’s Day, at a date between Gillian and Gary, a handsome man from Halifax. But as the evening draws on, things aren’t quite what they seem with charming, dazzling Gary.

Following on from last series’ Christmas wedding ceremony, Alan and Celia discuss going on a honeymoon adventure to New Zealand to visit Alan’s brother Ted. Their happiness is short-lived however when someone turns up from Alan’s past with devastating consequences.

In a happy turn of events, Caroline proposes to a heavily pregnant Kate. Although Celia seems happy for them, predictably she can’t help but comment on the fact that their baby will grow up without a father. Meanwhile a distressed John arrives at Caroline’s house after Judith has a miscarriage.


Episode 2

Sunday 4 January 2015 , 9pm

The honeymoon is soon over as Alan reveals the news of his secret son, Gary, to Celia.

Shocked and struggling to hide her disappointment, Celia can’t help but compare Alan’s deceit to that of her first husband Kenneth and decides to move back to their flat in Harrogate. Meanwhile Alan, Gillian, Raff and Ellie embrace the unexpected addition to Alan’s life and attend a dinner at Gary’s house. They all get on well and leave enamoured by his charm, not to mention his grand home.

Gillian is left humiliated at work by an unexpected visit from Robbie’s other half Cheryl, who reveals she knows that Gillian and Robbie are sleeping together. Cheryl makes a scene which results in Gillian losing her job. Later, Robbie turns up at the farm to apologise and reveals he has split up with Cheryl. Could reconciliation be on the cards for Gillian and Robbie?

Caroline and Kate wake up giddy on their wedding day but the happy mood is soon broken by Celia’s revelation that she doesn’t agree with the marriage and has decided not to come to the ceremony. Caroline appeals to Celia but is met with determined resistance. Alan is bitterly disappointed by her behaviour but is the marriage the only thing that Celia can’t come to terms with?

At the registry office, an upset Caroline lashes out at Alan – if Celia’s not coming then there’s no use in him being there. She heads into the registry office leaving an isolated Alan behind.


Episode 3

Sunday 11 January 2015 , 9pm

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Following last week’s surprising revelation, an emotional Alan tells Celia they need some distance.

Alan knows her well enough to understand that she’s finding it hard to adjust, and she needs to meet Gary before making a judgement. The next day, feeling isolated in her misery, Celia drives to the farm to see Alan, and after a heart-to-heart agrees to join everyone for a Sunday lunch. Despite her initial reservations she can’t help but warm to the charming Gary.

Later John and Gillian fall into the familiar trap of midday drinking and sleeping together. In the morning, under a cloud of regret, Gillian asks John to leave, telling him to forget the romantic notion he has of making things work between them, as she has every intention of making a go of things with Robbie.

On the morning of Caroline and Kate’s wedding Celia determinedly refuses to attend the ceremony. Caroline is hurt but refuses to let her mum’s selfish behaviour ruin her big day. After the wedding the guests return to the house to enjoy the reception. Later, when the last of the guests leave, Celia attempts to make peace but Caroline is still upset and walks away.

The next day Caroline receives some devastating news from the police and calls Celia immediately. Kate’s been in an accident and doctors are desperately trying to save her life. Will she pull through?


Episode 4

Sunday 18 January 2015 , 9pm

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Caroline’s overwhelmed at the prospect of looking after baby Flora on her own until a stranger walks into her life who may be the answer to her prayers.

Meanwhile, Raff is delighted at the news that his mum and uncle are getting wed.


Episode 5

Sunday 25 January 2015 , 9pm

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Caroline’s relieved to find that Greg is a natural with Flora and a positive influence on Lawrence.

Alan begins to distance himself from Gary, while Gillian discovers that their private family matter has just gone public.


Episode 6

Sunday 1 February 2015 , 9pm

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It’s the day of Gillian’s wedding, but things don’t go as planned as Caroline gets to the heart of why Gillian is avoiding it.

With Celia’s encouragement, Alan takes the first step towards forgiving Gary.


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