‘The Secret Agent’ episode guide

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BBC One’s new period spy drama The Secret Agent stars Toby Jones, Vicky McClure and Stephen Graham.

From the makers of Line of Dutythe three-part series is adapted by Tony Marchant (Garrow’s Law) from Joseph Conrad’s classic thriller.

The cast also includes Tom Goodman-Hill (Humans) and David Dawson (Ripper Street).


Episode 1

Sunday 17 July 2016, 9pm

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London, 1886: Verloc (Toby Jones) runs a seedy shop in the heart of London’s Soho.

Unknown to his loyal wife Winnie (Vicky McClure) Verloc is paid by the Russian embassy to spy on a dangerous anarchist cell. Summoned by the Russians, he is given a mission: orchestrate a bombing that can be blamed on the anarchists and provoke a political crackdown by the British.

Verloc must source a bomb from The Professor (Ian Hart), but hide his actions from Winnie and Chief Inspector Heat (Stephen Graham) of Scotland Yard’s Special Crimes Division. Unable to persuade his anarchist ‘comrades’ to help, Verloc sets his sights on Winnie’s younger brother Stevie (Charlie Hamblett) as his accomplice.


Episode 2

Sunday 24 July 2016, 9pm

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Having recruited Winnie’s younger brother Stevie to aid his bomb plot, Verloc decamps with Stevie to Michaelis’ Kent cottage to prepare.

But while Michaelis’ suspicions threaten to wreck Verloc’s plans, the Professor (Ian Hart) makes his own move on Chief Inspector Heat (Stephen Graham).

Back in Soho, Verloc’s wife Winnie (Vicky McClure) minds the shop in Verloc’s absence, but finds herself subject to Ossipon’s (Raphael Acloque) advances.


Episode 3

Sunday 31 July 2016, 9pm

As the authorities struggle to make sense of the rationale behind the Greenwich attack, Chief Inspector Heat (Stephen Graham) moves to arrest Verloc (Toby Jones).

Winnie (Vicky McClure), devastated by the bomb outrage, confronts Verloc and flees into the arms of Ossipon (Raphael Acloque).

The pair go on the run, but the police, led by Heat, are in hot pursuit…


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