‘The Fall’: Episode 3 review

So dark is The Fall that – at the show’s halfway point – we’re now fairly certain that its creator Allan Cubitt wrote it in a mixture of kitten blood and the tears of toddlers who’d dropped their ice cream.

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‘The Fall’: Episode 2 review

The Fall seems dead set on setting itself apart from other crime shows. Not because we know who the murderer is – Columbo hung its raincoat on that particular chair 44 years ago – but because it’s so desperately grim that it makes its Danish contemporaries look as light-hearted as Murder, She Wrote. It’s a show so darned dark that it forces you to adjust the brightness settings in your own mind, as well as your telly.

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‘The Fall’ RTE trailer

Irish TV channel RTÉ One has released a trailer for The X-Files star Gillian Anderson’s new BBC Two investigative thriller, The Fall.

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