The Lives of Captain Jack Volume 2 cover art

The Lives Of Captain Jack Volume 2 review

Two years on from his first solo outing on audio, under his own name rather than as part of Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness is back for another trio of stories drawn from different points in his endless lifespan. A time-traveller, conman, hero and sometime companion of the Doctor, the vibrant former Time Agent was joined … >

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Sky1 orders thriller ‘The Five’ from makers of ‘Happy Valley’

Ordinary Lies creator Danny Brocklehurst has written a new ten-part thriller series for Sky1. Created by Harlan Coben (Gone for Good, Tell No One), The Five follows a group of friends haunted by a terrible incident in their childhood. The official synopsis reads: “Twenty years ago, while they were all playing near the woods, the … >

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