‘The Smoke’ Episode 4 review

As we hit the halfway point of the series, The Smoke has explored its characters, but left more than enough room to grow. Focus on undeveloped characters and a subtle awareness of continuing plot threads provides some fantastic drama in this fourth episode, albeit one arguably littered with a little too much unnecessary humour. Technically, … >

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‘The Smoke’ Episode 3 review

Having drawn us in with both the characters and drama of the show, The Smoke’s third episode feels a lot more confident. This week’s instalment manages to weave more of the characters into the episode and, through a clever narrative structure, pushes their stories forward in a really interesting way. The episode features the characters … >

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‘The Smoke’ Episode 2 review

Tonight’s second instalment of The Smoke had to decide which route to go down to establish itself as something different from the usual fire-and-rescue drama.

Less visual effects and significant focus on the characters seems to have been the right way to go, as Episode 2 potentially trumps last week’s debut for watchability and development.

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