William Hartnell as The Doctor

Pull To Open – interview with Paul Hayes, the writer of the ‘inside story’ on Doctor Who’s genesis

Pull To Open: 1962–1963: The Inside Story of how the BBC created and launched Doctor Who is out now.  Writer and broadcaster Paul Hayes is no stranger to the arcane world of television show development. In 2021, his excellent book The Long Game painstakingly pieced together Doctor Who‘s complicated journey back to our screens in … >

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The Long Game: new book tells the story of Doctor Who’s recommission

Chronicling 1996 to 2003, Paul Hayes explores the path from the TV Movie to Russell T Davies’ reinvention. When Doctor Who returned to Saturday night BBC One in 2005, it had been on a long journey. That journey began some some nine years earlier, in the wake of the troubled American co-produced TV Movie of … >

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