Once and Future 6 - Time Lord Immemorial Special Edition cover art

Doctor Who – Once and Future 6 released

Once and Future – Time Lord Immemorial stars both Christopher Eccleston and David Warner as the Doctor.  Updated 05/10/23: Doctor Who‘s diamond celebration continues today as two Doctors meet. Today sees the release of the latest adventure in the celebratory Doctor Who: Once and Future series. Blending characters from across the show’s sixty year run, ‘Time … >

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Tron, The Omen and Doctor Who actor David Warner dies at 80

British actor David Warner, who starred in the blockbuster films Tron, The Omen and Titanic has died at the age of 80 from a cancer-related illness on Sunday, July 24, 2022. Warner played the villainous ENCOM executive Ed Dillinger in Tron, photojournalist Keith Jennings in The Omen and valet henchman Spicer Lovejoy Titanic. He recently … >

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