Cover for The War Master: Anti-Genesis

The War Master: Anti-Genesis audio review

The War Master: Anti-Genesis is the latest boxset of audio dramas to chronicle the exploits of Derek Jacobi’s Master during the Time War; the temporal conflict between his own people and the Daleks. The problem with a concept so unfathomable, however, is that us mere mortals can really only handle a small slice. Luckily, this … >

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Audio Review: The Diary Of River Song series 5

Since opening her diary for Big Finish, the time-travelling archaeologist Professor River Song (Alex Kingston) has dutifully picked her way back up her husband’s timeline, most recently reaching the Fourth Doctor. For this fifth volume however, River chronicles encounters with another Time Lord – one who is presented in four different, but equally deadly flavours. … >

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The War Master: Master Of Callous review

In their latest War Master boxset, Master Of Callous, Big Finish gives us a story given plenty of time to breathe and develop. Possibly driven by Derek Jacobi’s availability, the War Master is a continual presence through the set of four stories, despite only being a major part of two of them. It’s a masterclass … >

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