5 reasons why Colin Baker’s Doctor should be your favourite

As a life-long Doctor Who fan, the hardest and most annoying question to answer is, “Who’s your favourite Doctor?”

Here Liam South provides five reasons why the Sixth Doctor should be your answer…


If Troughton’s look is definitive 60’s and Pertwee’s is definitive 70’s, Colin Baker’s is definitive 80’s. It has all the colours and styles of the decade in one set of clothes. It may look ghastly but it’s actually a good fit for Colin’s Doctor. Just like his costume, he’s loud and seeks attention.


Colin’s era introduces the Rani, a great character who, unlike the Master and the Doctor, isn’t necessarily good or evil, just focused and detached.


This era also gives us Sil. Sil is such a marvellous character being a mix of great writing (Philip Martin really nailed Who where so many didn’t), great acting and an unusual but effective design.


While at times repetitive, this Doctor’s relationship with Peri is often the most interesting thing to watch. The way they bicker and annoy each other, but remain so loyal is great.


Despite not being given the best scripts, or the best costume, Colin’s performance in every scene is exemplary. He really tries to make every script, every concept, every peril believable and for the most part he succeeds by always giving the viewer something interesting the focus on.


Who’s your favourite Doctor? Let us know below…

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