20 actors from ‘Star Wars’ who’ve appeared in ‘Doctor Who’

Here we take a look at some of the actors who’ve appeared in both the Star Wars universe and Doctor Who

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Hugh Quarshie as Captain Panaka in Episode I and as Solomon in ‘Evolution of the Daleks’ and ‘Daleks in Manhattan’

DW SW Hugh


Celia Imrie as Dineé Ellberger (Bravo Five) in Episode I and as Miss Kizlet in ‘The Bells of Saint John’

DW SW Celia


Warwick Davis in Episode I (plus Wicket W. Warrick in Episode VI) and as Porridge in ‘Nightmare in Silver’

DW SW Warwick


Leslie Schofield as Chief Moradmin Bast in Episode I and as Calib in ‘The Face Of Evil’



Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett and Hal the Archer in ‘The Time Warrior’



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  • markydonovan

    Alan Ruscoe!

  • toyguytn

    Deep Roy

    • Paul Manogue

      yep deep roy holds the doctor who, star wars, star trek trifecta only a very few people have that honor.

      • Kerr Avon

        And Blake’s 7

        • Lee James Gannon

          And The X-Files.

          • Marty Gould

            Yep. He played a creepy crawly in The X-Files.

      • Alex Denby

        Simon Pegg’s done all three too.

  • Tea-Bone

    George Roubicek

  • HN

    TC-14 was Episode I, not Episode II.

    • Conor Kane

      Yeah pal, they said that

  • Josh Brown

    would like to point out that julian glover is maester pycelle in GoT

  • Daniel Springfield

    Jeremy Bulloch was Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy and he played Hal the archer in Jon Pertwee’s story “The Time Warrior”.

    • Leonardo Flores

      He was also in the Space Museum.

  • Daniel Springfield

    Also, Michael Sheard played Admiral Ozzel in Episode IV, he was in several Doctor Who stories but I remember him the most from “Pyramids of Mars”, “The Invisible Enemy” and “Remembrance of the Daleks”.

    • Michael J Bruno Jr

      actually it is Episode V, he is killed by Vader before the attack on planet Hoth

    • GavinJamesCampbell

      Michael Sheard was also in Castrovalva and The Mind of Evil.

  • Allen Jordan

    Julian Glover also played Richard the Lionhearted in “The Crusade”.

    • Peter Doe

      Also played Walter Donovan in Indian Jones and the Last Crusade.

      • Thomas W LeValley

        and Grand Maester Pycelle in Game of Thrones

  • Cole Forrest

    Really?! No one is going to call the writer out for calling the doctor, doctor who in the entry for Peter Cushing?

    • Wildr_Kids

      In the films he was specifically called Doctor Who, not the Doctor – indeed Peter Cushing even introduces himself to the ‘companions’ as Doctor Who.

    • Because he is Dr. Who (he is from a different universe, and that is his name).

      • The Valeyard

        He is not from another universe at all. He is from the constellation of Kasterborous in our Universe. And he is not called Doctor Who either. It is quite clear in the scripts that he chose the name “The Doctor” and where Gallifrey is located.

        • ssn708

          I think you missed the point where this particular thread is talking about Dr. Who, played by Peter Cushing in 2 movies. Not the show. Completely different.

        • Al

          In addition to the previous comment, you have completely missed the point. Doctor Who has many nuances and……ah what’s the point. From your comment you probably wouldn’t even understand anyway. With a name like ‘The Valeyard’ I alone would have thought you would understand ‘Dr Who’ is from a different universe from ‘our Doctor’; parallel or otherwise. Have you even seen the two movies – idiot.

          • Most people do not know about the two Cushing movies. “The Valeyard” is not an idiot they just do not know what we are talking about. Plus the Valeyard is from the show not the movies.

        • Peter Cushing’s Dr. Who is a human from Earth in a separate universe from that of the Time Lord known as “The Doctor” from Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous.

    • Joe Simons

      He’s right to be called Doctor Who. His character was called Doctor Who in two very good (But sadly forgotten) “spin-off” non-canon Dalek films. A completely different character altogether. Doctor Who (As opposed to The Doctor) was also human if I remember correctly.

    • ssn708

      Maybe because that is what he was called in the Peter Cushing movies? Dr. Who. He was human, an actual “doctor”, and his last name was Who.

  • Steven Ninjastrike Kal-Elarde

    What about Silas Carson who played Ki-Adi-Mundi / Nute Gunray. He was the voice of Ood Sigma and most of the Ood in the Dr Who universe 🙂

  • Muller Leeward

    Garrick Hagon also played Ky in “The Mutants”. Also: Don Henderson and Leslie Schoefield.

  • Marvin

    David Tennant was in the Clone Wars Tv show.

    • Patrick Van Tassel

      He played a droid that taught younglings to build light sabres.

  • Lee Saville

    Warwick Davis was also a Ewok

    • Kooler

      It says it….who do you think Wicket is? silly!

      • I think the confusion comes from the picture they chose. They used a cameo appearance from Davis from Episode I.

  • Camille

    Cathy Munroe (the bounty hunter Zuckuss) was a maid in Ghost Light and was also in The Horns of Nimon.

  • John

    How about David Tennant as the Doctor and Huyang, the lightsaber droid?

    • ssn708

      The Clone Wars is not included.

  • Gregg Barnes

    Isnt it amazing that an actor can be in two different pieces of work? Every time I see one of these articles, I find it amazing that actors can find work on multiple shows. Wow!

    • ssn708

      Obviously it isn’t amazing they can be in 2 different pieces of work. I am assuming your amazement is sarcasm. What is amazing however is that so many have been in both Star Wars and Dr. Who, the point of this article.

      • Gregg Barnes

        I dont find it the least bit amazing. I mean, lets look at it this way. The UK isnt that big, so there isnt much af an actor pool to draw from. Especially if you want very good actors. I see at least 4 of these articles a week.

        • ssn708

          We get it. You are not impressed. And you feel the need to tell the world you are not impressed. Gotcha.

          So the UK has about 1/5 the population of the US. How often in the US do you see the same actors in a movie and then see the same actors on the same TV show? Never. Not 1/5 as often, but never. Although British movie actors are more likely to do television than American, they generally don’t do “serials”.

          More impressive given that the production of Star Wars was a US production and only used some British actors, Doctor Who being an entirely British production.

          • Hosfac

            Never? What about Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, Charlie Sheen, Karl Urban, Steve Buscemi, Kevin Spacey, James Spader, Laurence Fishburne, Jessica Lange and Claire Danes. And those are just the ones that I can think of off the top of my head.

            10 years ago, your statement would have been accurate. Today, not even close.

        • Jeremy Parks

          Did you take your pills today?

          • Gregg Barnes

            A bit late to the party, arent you? I guess your pills wore off?

          • Jeremy Parks

            Are you still an angry little bitch?

          • Gregg Barnes

            Oh, that burned me. Im wounded! If you weren’t such a bitchy little shit stain, your comment may have had some sort of effect. You are two years to late to the party. Go back to sucking your friends cocks, and stay away from the grown ups.

          • Jeremy Parks


  • Zelig

    That’s not Warwick Davies as Wicket W. Warrick (who know that a bunch of primitive, little show dog-like hunter-gatherers had such formal names). That’s Warwick Davies as an un-named (I believe) spectator from the pod races in Episode 1.

    • ssn708

      He was both, but yes the pic is wrong.

  • Jeffrey

    John Hollis, who played Lobot in “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” played Sondergaard in the “Doctor Who” story “The Mutants” from the Jon Pertwee era.

  • EnglishTony

    Where is Michael Sheard!?

  • Jeremy Wessel

    Don Henderson. He played a general in Episode IV and the villain in Delta and the Bannermen.

  • TimeChaser

    In most of these cases it should really be Actors from Doctor Who who’ve appeared in Star Wars since they usually had their Who roles first.

  • Mike Swaby

    Forgot Simon Pegg as Dengar the bounty hunter in Clone Wars and as The Editor in “The Long Game” on Doctor Who.

  • Matthew H

    ” As Dr Who in Dr Who” Really?

  • Trevor Anthony Thornicroft

    Someone commented about Jeremy Bullock appearing in Who & Star Wars. He is already in this list.
    As for Cushing being known as ‘Doctor Who’, yes that is what he is known as in the films. No question about it. I think Roy Castle’s character refers to him as such.

  • Dalek1963

    Isn’t the picture of Warwick Davis in fact from episode 1 as he was a spectator of the Pod race. In episode VI he was Wicket the ewok.

  • Chris Taylor

    Leslie Schofield, John Hollis, Graham Ashley 🙂

  • Daniel

    Let’s not forget that Michael Sheard had multiple appearances in Doctor Who. Two more I remember are The Invisible Enemy and Remembrance of the Daleks.

    • GavinJamesCampbell

      The Mind of Evil and Castrovalva, too.

  • Andrew Tomlinson

    Hugh Quarshie played Solomon in the Daleks in Manhattan 2 parter and Captain Panasha in Phantom Menace.

  • Kieran Dyke

    Richard Bonehill – Several roles in Doctor Who circa 82-86, and in Episodes V and VI.

    Steve Speirs – Strickland in World War III and Aliens in London, and Captain Tarpais in Episode I.

  • Kristjan Frosti

    Silas Carson (the Ood and most of the aliens in End of the World (series 1, episode 2)) played both Viceroy Nute Gunray and Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. And Simon Pegg voiced Dengar on Star Wars the Clone Wars.

  • Alex Denby

    So far it looks like Simon Pegg is just an extra in Episode VII (I haven’t seen it yet), but he did have a speaking role as Dengar in an episode of The Clone Wars.

  • jabalong

    “Cathy Munroe as the bounty hunter Zuckuss in Episode V and in ‘The Horns of Nimon’”

    That Horns of Nimon picture is not Cathy Munroe – it’s Janet Ellis in the role of Teka.

    • CultBox

      Oops! Do you know if there’s a correct picture online anywhere?

  • Sara Griewing

    Freema Agyeman was in the Force Awakens, I yelled Martha Jones in the theater… Spoilers!

    • Veronika

      Yeah I noticed Freema Agyeman too, I’m surprised more people didn’t notice her. I think she even spoke a line of dialogue.

      • Jude I⚡caяiot

        See above.

  • Marty Gould

    I’m glad you caught Deep Roy as he is usually in disguise.

    • dave.lefevre

      Deep Roy has one of the most amazing careers on the planet. I love it when people point that out.

  • Michael J Bruno Jr

    Very impressive list only three minor errors: Adminal Ozzel is in Epsiode V (he is telekinetically executed by Vader ), Chief Moradmin Bast is in Epsiode IV (killed on the Death Star I when it exploded he is the one who askes Grand Moff Tarkin if they want his personal shuttle ready during the battle of Yavin where they both die), Droopy MCCool is Epsiode VI (the part of band playing in Jabba the Hut in the beginning of the movie).

  • GavinJamesCampbell

    Julian Glover was also in The Crusaders as King Richard.