The ‘Doctor Who’ Emergency Fanw*nk Hotline Week 2: ‘Smile’

Hello. This article contains spoilers for ‘Smile’.

It also contains spoilers for ‘The Ark in Space’. If you haven’t seen ‘The Ark in Space’ you should find it and watch it right now. I will wait.

Good isn’t it? ‘The Beast Below’ is also better than I remembered, last time I watched it, if you fancy a hilariously topical ‘Fleeing From Armageddon’ trilogy. If you just want to focus on how ‘Smile’ made you feel or think things, simply ring the phone that the Doctor says he doesn’t like having and press the number most suited to your query:


Press 1 if you saw Mina Anwar and immediately thought ‘OMG Rani and Clyde have kids and they survive into the future and oh, no wait, she’s dead.’

Press 2 if, by the end of the episode, you had amended your headcanon so Mina Anwar’s character has a child alive somewhere.

Press 3 if you feel pretty damn smug for thinking “This is like a darkly whimsical version of ‘The Ark in Space'” before the reveal that this was a darkly whimsically version of ‘The Ark in Space’.

Press 4 if Harry Sullivan is your Medtech.

Press 5 if you preferred the episode the fewer human characters were on screen.

Press 6 if you wonder whether people will ever learn to program robots in a way that doesn’t make them kill everybody.

Press 7 if you aren’t totally confident that replacing killer robots with landlord robots is going to work long-term.

Press 8 if the first thing you do when you have computer problems is turn it off and on again.

Press 9 if you don’t really care what’s in the vault.

Gleefully mash the # button if you’ve already started plotting your Doctor/algae fic.

Furiously mash the * button if you started plotting your Doctor/algae fic but had to stop to work out which incarnation it was.


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