Poll: Which group of ‘Doctor Who’ characters is the best Team TARDIS of all time? Vote here!

“I thought we might need a gang,” says the Doctor in ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’. “Never really had a gang before. It’s new.”

He’s totally lying, of course. The Time Lord has been fond of having a gang around him right since the very first episode back in November 1963 and, while he seems to favour just having one companion in general, he’s put together a number of collectives over the years.

But who makes the ultimate Team TARDIS?

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  • New worlds

    12 / Clara easily!

  • courtfan

    12 /Clara no contest! Shame on you for not including them.

    • samwise

      but this is specifically about teams, as defined in the intro text as having more than one companion on board.

  • DandaJay

    River Song

  • Michael C

    The first Doctor and Steven have been favourites. Not sure if Vikki or Dodo would round out the team. Also surprised 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Victoria weren’t in there. Actually scrap that! 4th Doctor Leela and K9 – the scarf, the robot dog and a hot woman with a leather leotard!

  • Khaoserat

    11, Amy, Rory & River without a doubt

  • charellis

    Season with Rose Tyler and David Tennant

  • Chaim Schwartz

    11, Amy, and Rory are the best TARDIS team!

  • Dr. Moo

    I like most of them but particular highlights include:
    2, Jamie, Zoe
    3, Jo
    4, Sarah
    4, Leela
    4, Romana
    7, Ace
    9, Rose, Jack
    10, Donna
    11, Amy, Rory, River
    12, Clara

  • Dayna

    Duh 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory and River for sure.

  • stella star

    Rose and Jack . No contest

  • Suzanne_G

    Toss up between the all time great teaming of 11/Rory/Amy/River – simply the best, great actors, great storylines and so much chemistry, it’s a wonder they didn’t all combust.
    AND 12/Clara – a meeting of great characters and great actors. Series 8 was a revelation and the best new Who since series 5. Series 9 promises to be even better.
    AND 4/Sarah/Harry – but where is 4/Leela or 4/Romana (one and two)?
    Very Worst:
    Well, that’s easy – 10/Rose – smug, excrementally poor stories, terrible gurning by both actors and Billie had loads more chemistry with Chris Eccleston than she did with the numpty Tennant – just bad on every level

    • Dr. Moo

      Spot on Re: 10/Rose. Why anyone can like her is beyond comprehension to me.

    • Joe Cogan

      The worst is Adric. I heard a whole college dorm burst into applause when he was killed.

  • Debster

    Another 12/Clara here. Great team + great actors.

  • Ford A. Thaxton

    Being a fan of Classic DOCTOR WHO hands down I’d choose The Doctor (Tom Baker) /Sarah Jane/Harry.

  • timelord70

    This really needs a 4th Doctor / Romana / K9 entry as well. How can the first 7 Doctors only get one team each (except the 2nd Doctor), but the last three get multiple choices?

  • J. Walter Swartz

    4th Doctor Romana K9

  • Raini Way

    That one was a tough call. To me, two people are a team, so my favorite Team TARDIS is Ten/Donna. My second favorite is Two/Jamie, and tied for third are Seven/Ace and Eleven/Amy/Rory. Since I’m a fan of JUST Ten and Donna (not the piles of other characters), they were eliminated. I’m not all that fond of Mel and I couldn’t care less about Glitz, so that eliminated Seven’s team plus two. That made for a decision between Two and Eleven. I’m okay with Zoe, but I like Victoria a bit better, which brought down that team a bit. In the end, I love the interaction between all the characters on the first Team TARDIS 11. So I went with them.

  • Andy

    Sparrow & Nightingale…. end of

  • Michael R. Brescoll

    love and miss always, Rose.

  • RoastNewt

    The First Doctor, Barbara, Ian and Susan. In actual fact, my favourite is the First Doctor, Barbara, Ian and Vicki, since Vicki was basically Susan done right, but it’s close enough. Barbara Wright is the greatest Doctor Who character ever!

  • Conoa Skehrn

    you idiotic new who brats will swing the poll to the 2005- because you don’t care about watching the epic old series that have WAY BETTER WRITING

  • Mark Pompeo

    When will these results be posted?!