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Rewind: ‘My So-Called Life’ revisited

Instead of depicting the teenage years as either a fun-filled period of unbridled excitement and excess or a bleak phase of deep unhappiness, My So-Called Life showed they can be both.

Rewind: ‘The Tripods’ revisited

Based on the trilogy of novels by John Christopher, The Tripods was set in a dystopian yet quaintly rural future, where the human race is enslaved by giant, three-legged robots from outer space.

‘Spooks’: Series 1 Episodes 1 & 2 rewatch

Today we launch our brand new Spooks blog, where we'll be rewatching the first series at a manageable pace of two episodes each week, kicking off with the first two episodes.

‘Doctor Who’: Series 5 DVD marathon

Today we're going to attempt a back-to-back Doctor Who marathon of all the Eleventh Doctor's episodes so far, watching The Complete Fifth Series and A Christmas Carol in one session.