Watch 25 of the best ‘Doctor Who’ minisodes and prequels

Struggling with the wait for the new season of Doctor Who? We’ve picked out some of the best minisodes, prequels and specially-filmed scenes from the past few years that you might have missed…


The Doctor and Amy in the TARDIS between ‘The Eleventh Hour’ and ‘The Beast Below’


The Doctor and Amy in the TARDIS between ‘Flesh and Stone’ and ‘The Vampires of Venice’


Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax in ‘The Great Detective’


Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax in ‘Vastra Investigates’


The Doctor meets young Clara in ‘The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel’


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  • Nyder

    Surely Mission to the unknown should count?! After all it was very short in relativity to the other serials. Why, also, is it only new generation minisodes that count, there are many (better) classic minisodes you know.

    • Random Comments

      Mission to the Unknown is a full episode, not a minisode (and is arguably part of a larger serial). The Minisode Phenomena began, unless I’m much mistaken (which does happen) with NuWho.

      • Nyder

        Ah but if you think about it relatively it is a mini-serial like I said (in comparison to the full serials) and so it should be considered somewhat relatively a minisode

  • Henry V

    The Matt Smith/Ponds/River minisodes were brilliant and I also enjoyed the prequels we used to have. Bit nostalgic watching the magical Matt act our his little heart and a reminder of some of the hilarious bits and pieces the show did for charity. All great stuff.
    I have heard whispers that we’ll be getting another prequel this year and given how much Peter revels being in the show, I bet we’ll see some new stuff for Children in Need too. I imagine red button minisodes too, or maybe to fill in the gap until series 10 debuts, we’ll get some of these over the Easter period? I think the longed-for Sherlock crossover for charity may be turning up too at some stage….
    These kinds of extras on the boxed sets have been great and hoping the outstanding quality of the extras we have had since 2010 continues this year for the Christmas release. I understand we’ll be getting material from SDCC and other events Peter and Jenna and Moffat have attended over the last year. I’m guessing the celebration event at EXCEL and Peter, Michelle and Jenna’s tour of Australia and New Zealand might make it to the Christmas special box set, as possibly too late for inclusion in the series 9 box set?
    The Night and the Doctor series continues to be my favourite of all of these minisodes. Poignant, funny and exquisitely acted by Matt and Alex.

    • Benny

      A bit calmer now? Good. Happy to endorse this comment. Seconded for some commentaries from Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat. Quality commentaries have been sadly missing over recent years. Those involving Matt, Karen and Arthur remain highlights, although there are a couple of good ones among the mostly dull ones in the first four series, essentially anything involving Steven Moffat taking the p*ss out of a rather pompous Tennant.

      • Henry V

        You mean the button thing? That was hilarious. Tennant is such a self obsessed little twerp. Very glad to see the back of him.