Watch 12 classic Christmas special moments from ‘Doctor Who’

We’ve picked out some of Doctor Who‘s best Christmas special moments…


Jackson Lake realises he isn’t a Time Lord in ‘The Next Doctor’


Rose (unknowingly) meets the Doctor for the first time in ‘The End of Time’


The Doctor comes down the chimney in ‘A Christmas Carol’


The Doctor battles a shark on Christmas eve in ‘A Christmas Carol’


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  • Dr. Moo

    Let’s do a favourite moment from each special. Because why not?

    TCI – the Doctor wakes up and commands the room completely. A promising start for Tennant.
    TRB – the Doctor in his TARDIS chases the taxi to rescue Donna.
    VotD – the final scene between the Doctor and Mr Copper after the Doctor takes him to Earth.
    TND – no one moment but all of the interactions between the Tenth and “Next” Doctors are deserving of a mention.
    TEoT – the scene in the café as Wilfred and the Doctor talk about death and Donna.
    ACC – Ghost of Christmas Future. “Is this who you want to become?”
    TDTWATW – the pre-titles sequence with the exploding spaceship or the final scene as the Doctor pays a visit to Amy & Rory.
    TS – Clara dies.
    TTotD – the entire final fifteen minutes as the Eleventh Doctor gets his new regenerations and defeats the Daleks before passing away and the Twelfth Doctor rises.
    LC – the Doctor rides Santa’s sleigh. The look of joy on his face is a sight to behold!