Doctor Who Series 11: new casting news

Some casting news for the first filming block was discovered by a Twitter user.

@Ruther2 found found a Doctor Who credit on Lisa Stokke’s Spotlight CV which lists her as portraying a character called Trine in an episode directed by Jamie Childs.

Stoke is a talented actress and singer with dual American/Norwegian citizenship.

Earlier this year, @Ruther2 discovered that Jamie Childs directed episodes 1, 7, 9 and 10 of Series 11. This was later confirmed by Doctor Who Magazine and the BBC.

Childs directed episodes 1 and 7 during the first filming block, which took place between the end of  October and the middle of December.

Stokke was in Cardiff, where the studio scenes for Doctor Who are filmed on December 6, which would place her in episode 1 or 7.

Dressed in an extravagant, colorful knit top with a geometric design and yellow fringe on the sleeves and across the chest, Stokke exclaimed:

“I look like I’m wearing a #piñata and I LOVE IT!!!! So happy to be here in #Cardiff and working on a dream job for a few days.”

Stokke also expressed her excitement for the first episode of Doctor Who Series 11, The Woman Who Fell to Earth.

The worldwide Series 11 premiere of The Woman Who Fell to Earth is Sunday, October 7.