Former Gadget Show host Suzi Perry gives us the low down on smart home tech in new YouTube series

 “Alexa” is becoming one of the most common names spoken in households up and down the country, as smart devices begin to play an important part in our lives. From home security, to peace of mind when you go on holiday, there are devices available that can help secure and protect our homes from a multitude of mishaps.

TV Personality Suzi Perry returns to the world of gadgets in a new four-part web-series exploring smart home technology and what consumers can do to turn their homes into a smart home. Suzi explores the Unruly Home of the Future Now to see what devices and apps are available to make our lives a little easier.

In the first instalment of the series, produced on behalf of Legal & General, Suzi checks out options for home alerts, including smart home surveillance systems which can recognise whether somebody is a stranger, and apps which allow us to control our lights when we’re away from home.

In the second instalment, Suzi explains the benefit of IFTTT, an app which syncs smart devices together, allowing us to control our smart homes quicker and easier. In the third instalment, Suzi showcases devices which alert us in the event of fire or water damage in our homes and in the final instalment, and something which we are all conscious of, Suzi takes a look at how we can achieve peace of mind when we are away from home for longer periods.

A recent study by PWC, found that it is expected that consumers will spend £10.8 billion on smart home technology next year, purchasing devices such as voice controlled speakers, smart doorbells and wi-fi connected thermostats. For those who are considering taking the first steps in introducing smart technology into their homes, this four-part series is a must watch.


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