Michael Socha (‘Being Human’: Series 4) interview

Michael Socha returns as werewolf Tom in the fourth series of BBC Three’s supernatural drama Being Human next month.

Following the gripping Series 3 finale in which viewers watched Mitchell fall victim to the wolf-shaped bullet, Series 4 sees the aftermath as the housemates return to their home in Barry Island. There are also some new faces in town…

Can you tell us a bit about your character in Series 4?

“You get to know Tom a little bit more in this series. You watch him grow up, this is his adolescence. Tom’s puberty! He’s experiencing things probably a 13 or 14 year old would. He tries to adjust to these changes while at the same time is having a hard time coping with different emotions that he has never experienced before.

“You will discover Tom is quite an emotional character. Tom lost his dad in the last series so now he has to grow up. He copies McNair in a lot of ways, there are a lot of similarities, a lot of things Tom has taken with him, but I think Tom now is his own man. He may be looking for a bit of guidance along the way, but deep down he knows he is now on his own.”

What can you tell us about Hal and Annie?

“Hal is the new vampire in town – Tom smells him from a mile away. At first there is a lot of hatred between the two of them but they do eventually get over that.

“Hal has only ever trusted one werewolf before, which is Leo, and now has to deal with Tom, who is a vampire killing adolescent (as it were). I think for both of them it’s a challenge to get on.

“Annie is like Tom’s mum. She looks after him, teaches him how to live in a house, teaches him some ground rules, and Tom likes this, he’s really happy living with his new friends, his new pack. He also enjoys helping Annie with Eve, the baby. He takes on the responsibility of helping to protect and look after her.”

How did it feel becoming one of the lead characters this series?

“When they first told me I was going to be a lead role in this series I couldn’t believe it! It was hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“This is my first big lead role and I absolutely love playing Tom… we’re both energetic and both absolute hate vampires. I’ve also never had the opportunity to play anything but a human, so now I’m a werewolf I feel I’ve been let loose. I can scream my head off whenever I like!”

What are the transformation scenes like to film?

“At the end of transformation I am absolutely shattered, but I just love it. It’s a release. To prepare I do a bit of running about – I have to get myself a bit worked up – I’m nearly transforming before they say action.

“I hype myself up and work myself into a bit of frenzy and then I’m ready. And when you get the wolf mask on your face you can’t help but be the wolf. There are stages to becoming the werewolf – you have the nails put in, then the contact lenses to change your eyes, and there is a stage where there are veins and teeth. Then you have the full four hours in prosthetics which is for the full mask which you can move around in, it feels like real skin, and they put hair all on your face and your eyebrows.

“They also use something called a flocking gun which gets really little hairs on you so it looks natural and real – and the last stage is a full werewolf, which sadly isn’t me, as they have ‘professionals’ come in to play the giant werewolf.”

What were you favourite scenes to film?

“My favourite scenes are in the cafe. This is the new working hub – Tom’s now got a job there and he loves it. He also introduces Hal to the cafe to get a job; he needs to get him into the real world and into society.

“And my other favourite scenes are from the first episode and filming with Russell. It’s a dark episode and I can’t say too much but there will be love, laughter, tears, new friendships, oh and more tears!”

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