Sam Strike (‘MI High’) interview

Action-packed teen spy-fi show MI High is back for a thirteen-part sixth series on CBBC with all-new, top-secret adventures and a brand-new generation of highly skilled undercover agents, including Sam Strike as Daniel Morgan.

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M.I. High may be 18 year-old Sam’s first professional acting job, but the producers found a real life daredevil to play MI9’s newest recruit. “I did most of my own stunts on M.I. High,” he reveals, “I have a parkour background which added to the character hugely. I have two big parkour-based fight scenes in the series which I loved filming every second of. The scenes involved things like vaulting high rails and dropping from a height.”

Who is your character, Dan?

“Dan’s character evolves throughout the series. I believe he goes in as an untrusting sceptic and emerges the other side as a more accepting open-minded person. He has a very hard time trusting anybody and is ready for any situation.

“There are similarities between Dan and I, we are both comfortable in our own company, but I’m not too sure how I’d actually fair in a real life battle with some of the villains on the show!”

Would Dan make a good spy in real life?

“I’d like to think I have the appropriate attributes to be a spy! I’m good at moving silently, due to the parkour, which I imagine might come in handy. The biggest lie that I’ve got away with? Pretending to be a spy!”

What was it like moving away from home for the first time and living in Scotland?

“I lived on my own in student digs and at first it was quite a foreign experience. It was testing for a couple of days, but after we started filming I loved it. I’ve always been quite independent so I don’t think my parents were too worried about me.

“I was homesick until the first time I went home, then I just wanted to get back to Scotland and didn’t really want to go home.”

We hear you have a rather novel way of washing your clothes…

“Rather than go to the launderette, I once got in the shower with my clothes on. I was improvising.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

“I go skate boarding to keep in shape and I play a lot of guitar and sing. I’ve been in and out of bands for a long time but now I just sing and play on my own. I want to see how far I can take the acting thing first before pursue a singing career. I love them both equally but you can do singing in your spare time and enjoy it. Acting isn’t really something you do as a hobby.”

What was your favourite episode and why?

“I cannot give too much away but my favourite episode is the last in the series. It was fun for me as an actor as my emotions were running riot in the tense finale. And I got to take part in an awesome parkour fight scene at the end!”

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