Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show will follow young Aragorn

When Amazon’s $1 billion Lord of the Rings series was announced, we also kind of just assumed that it would be a remake of sorts – another shot at adapting Tolkein’s trilogy in a more long-form format.

But the actual idea, which is being reported by notoriously reliable Rings source, is to follow a younger version of Aragorn in the years pre-Fellowship. As a series pitch, this conjures up two feelings.

The first is that an Aragorn series has the potential to be very entertaining, with a rich backstory to explore and an angle on the story that hasn’t been told on-screen before. It has a whiff of John Snow to it, also, which we’re sure Amazon has noted.

But then, prequels are kind of boring by design. It takes an incredibly deft hand to make a prequel interesting in its own right, given that we know where everyone will end up, which romances are doomed and exactly how the king will eventually return.

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