BBC Four special new Star Wars documentary is now on iPlayer

As Star Wars: The Last Jedi dominates cinema screens around the world, BBC Four is tapping into it all with a special documentary looking at Britain’s contribution to the saga.

The Galaxy Britain Built: Droids, Darth Vader And Lightsabers is an hour-long show, presented by David Whiteley, that screened on December 21st. And it’s now available on the iPlayer service.

The overview of the show gives an idea what to expect…

Presenter and Star Wars fan David Whiteley uncovers some never-before-heard stories from the geniuses who helped build the galaxy, from the costume designer and art director to the man who made the lightsaber. It was a time when science fiction films were not box office draws, and very few people in the industry believed in George Lucas’s vision. But his first Star Wars film ended up being a very British endeavour.

The programme documents the behind-the-scenes talent that helped bring the galaxy to life in the late 1970s. It also looks at how the British talent continues to be part of the Star Wars legacy to the present day.

You can read more about the programme here.