Channel 4’s The Bisexual finally starts filming early next year

First mooted a year or two back, Channel 4 is now teaming up with Hulu to back Desiree Akhavan’s new project, The Bisexual.

The show is a six part comedy series, that Akhavan is to co-write, direct and star in. She’ll be playing Leila, a New York woman making her way through dating in London.

Pre-production work, reports The Knowledge, is underway this side of Christmas, with the aim being to start filming the show in February. We’d expect the series to screen at the back end of 2018.

The show was actually greenlit by Channel 4 in August of 2016, when it issued the following synopsis:

New Yorker Leila (Akhavan) is feeling lost in London. Recently part of an uber-cool power couple, she’s now split from girlfriend Sadie and is struggling to adjust. Moving in with a ‘stranger off the internet’ she soon discovers she’s swapped her luxe old life (think: high quality condiments, plus a girlfriend who sorted all of the Life Admin) for a house-share with Gabe, a British guy who’s only ever other female ‘flat-mate’ was his mum. Gabe doesn’t know any lesbians and Leila’s not got too much experience of hanging out with heterosexuals – their worlds collide in deeply awkward and revealing ways as he becomes her unlikely wingman and helps her to navigate her new life dating men.

More on the show as we hear about.