Watch behind the scenes ‘Doctor Who’ video with Pearl Mackie

Doctor Who newcomer Pearl Mackie has recorded a short behind the scenes video.

Today was Mackie’s first day of location filming as Bill at Cardiff University, which has been transformed into a rather snowy Bristol university campus.

She joked: “It’s snowing… in June. It’s mad! I’m feeling very excited and very warm in all my kegs.”

The new season of Doctor Who will air on BBC One in spring 2017, with Matt Lucas returning as Nardole.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Are you looking forward to Season 10? Let us know below…

  • Greetl

    The more I see of Pearl, the more convinced I am that she is going to be a fantastic companion. Feeling so positive about this series after how amazingly brilliant series 9 was. Really interested as to how they meet Nardole too. We are off to a great start folks!

    • Marcie

      Yes. Series 9 has established itself as the greatest in new Who and for many long time viewers, the greatest ever. It does boggle the mind that Peter and Moff could ever top the perfection of series 9, but people said the same about series 5, but already it is clear that the people associated with the show know this year is going to be special. I have a few predictions:1. Nardole is going to establish himself as one of the best loved characters in recent history and his departure will break our hearts (I would bet money on him having an Adric style departure) 2. FCB’s episode will be hailed as an instant classic 3. Pearl and Peter’s partnership will win over skeptics by the end of the first episode 4. Peter will regenerate during the Christmas special in 2017. It will be regarded as the greatest episode in Who history. The departure will be shown on cinemas world wide live and create the greatedt media storm in Who history due to the ingenious way the regeneration occurs including a live component 5. Peter will win both an Emmy and BAFTA for series 10 on the strength of the finale 6.Matt Smith will return for a cameo during the two or three part finale 7. Viewership for the series opener will be higher than for series 8 or 9 when full figures are tallied and series 10 will return to series 8 viewing levels with most people watching online 8. Television critics will consider series 10 of Who the television highlight of 2017 9. Broadchurch 3 will be another ratings and critical disaster like the second and anxious BBC bosses will start having second thoughts about their choice. As a result, there will be some panic BTS and series 11 will be delayed. BBC will decide to rest the show after series 11 ratings tank to below 3 million. 10. The show will reduce to a series of telemovies or go totally online after the disaster of series 11. 11. Peter will be replaced by the first female doctor.

      • Greetl

        Big calls thrre. This is fun.

        1. Could see this happening. Agree he’ll bite the dust. So POSSIBLE
        2. Nope. Will obvs be better than FotN but doubt good as anything Moff writes. NOPE
        3. Definitely. The bits from filming and amazing stuff with fans already has Pearl shaping up to be as great as Amy or Clara HELL YES!
        4. Hmm. Agree that PCap’s regeneration episode likely to be all time great but can’t see Peter leaving with Moffat. They will be begging him to stay. NOT YET
        5. HELL YES
        6. HIGHLY LIKELY
        7. You mean in UK? Viewing in Aus at all time high with last series, so think worldwide, this will be biggest yet but don’t know about UK OVERSEAS HELL YES, UK ???
        8. OBVS. Last series was considered Top Five programs here, also in UK I think?
        9. Broadchurch not a thing here. Nobody really knows what it is. New series prob turn up on satellite maybe, so might get couple thousand viewers??. CAN’T COMMENT
        10. I can see series 11 struggling if both Moffat and Capaldi leave, but think Capaldi will stay for sure, so he will keep show alive. More likely lots tune in for first couple of episodes at least. I will watch even if Peter goes in series 10 NOPE
        11. Can see this happening. YES

        Cautiously optomistic this could better series 9. Absolutely 100% convinced Peter + Pearl = Magic.

      • Bardotti

        1. Doubtful but will keep open mind. Agree he will be one off companion and proly for only half series. 2. Ditto 3. Yes. Immediately liked Pearl. Looks will have no romance thing happening. Cld be best companion since 2005. 4. Really hope Peter stays but as long as he isn’t chucked out because they want some Twilight Tennant clone. 5. Hopefully and NTA as well. 6. Hope so. Matt is always great 7. Doubtful but think viewership is fine here. Only tiny bit below Smith heyday and more people watch on devices. Future growth for show is o/s. 8. Same as for series 9 which was IMHO best of all time 9. Couldn’t care less about BC. Pile of boring cr@p and won’t be watching. Have doubts about Chibnall more because of poor DW and TW episodes. BBC will lose face too much if he completely flops. Might be one series showrunner only though and get in one of their big guns to get show back on track if he screws up. 10. Who knows. Can we just enjoy this last Moff series guys. We are in the Golden Age of the show. Enjoy it while it lasts. 11. Agree. No probs from me.

      • MargaretL

        1. Doubt it
        2. Doubt it
        3. For sure
        4. Want him to stay for as long as he wants. On verge of surpassing Tom Baker as the greatest of all doctors. If he goes with Moffat at least we can guarantee a Gallifrey shattering farewell.
        5. After the ridiculous BAFTA snub for Heaven Sent I am not convinced about the sanity or sobriety of the BAFTA judges but since this was a big mistake I think they will go out of their way to reward Peter next time, esp if it is his last series as he has completely transformed the way we look at the role. He is a world class actor and now role is viewed seriously instead of being just a bit of fluff.
        6. Doubt it
        7. Probably but depends on how much effort BBC puts into promotion. They left show out to dry last year and lost viewers. Needs to have a really big build this time to return it to must see TV like it was when MS was in the Tardis. Needs to appeal to younger viewers to build future audiences. Think Bill and Nardole may mean lighter tone.
        8. If it is as good as last year, then yes.
        9. Don’t watch Broadchurch. Don’t care for Chibnall’s Who offerings but I think if Peter stays, show should transition fine.
        10. Too early to tell. Glass half full. Give Chibnall a chance at least. Can’t say I am optomistic but bigger surprises have happened.
        11. Maybe?

      • Daniel

        1. I am really looking forward to seeing how Matt Lucas develops Nardole. His small part in Husbands was nicely done. Potential to be an excellent temporary companion and thrilled we have a more crowded TARDIS with an alien crew member.
        2. Happy to keep open mind. Let’s not forget that he is an award winning author and has a lovely sense of whimsy. I suspect he will write beautifully for Nardole.
        3. Yes. Pearl and Peter do have terrific chemistry. I think they could end up being one of the greats.
        4. This decision will already have been made. They are keeping their cards very close to their chest. Peter will want to stay I am sure and Chris has alresdy indicated he’d like Peter to remain. If Peter does go, how excitimg if they have managed to keep this secret.
        5. I am 100% certain he’ll be BAFTA nominated next time he is eligible given the huge outcry about being left out of the final nominations last time. If nothing else it may salvage some credibility for them. It’s great that the show is now in the running for Emmy consideration and certain it will get some nominations, but lead actor might be too difficult a category for Peter. Possible technical nominations and for writing? Moffat has already wojn writing Emmys for Sherlock.
        6. I am sure Matt would love to return to thank Steven Moffat in his final series. Maybe just a small cameo. What fun if he turned up not playing the doctor!
        7.I am confident there will be a viewer bounce back. Series 9 is pretty well universally regarded now as best of new Who, if not of entire run of Who and if BBC emphasise this plus make it clear that this year will be fun and light but keep the terrific level of quality we got in 2015. I think Matt’s inclusion is a great start. If you ignore the sneering of some in deep Who fandom and the small but noisy Moffat haters, Nardole was very popular with the general viewing public and Matt is s huge draw for casual viewers too. Bill and Nardole coukdvend up being the trump cards in getting younger viewers into the show.
        8. Series 9 was probably the first series where there was complete unanimity among TV critics as to it being the best series in new Who, even topping series 5, the former critical darling. There seems to be also unanimous agreement that Peter Capaldi is the best actor ever in the role and 12 is the best doctor to date. Moffat and the BBC would have to really mess things up to lose such a huge amount of goodwill. That won’t happen and critics will want to acknowledge Moffat’s towering position in British TV.
        9.Bit over dramatic. There is no doubt Broadchurch 3 is going to get a critical kicking even if it manages to pull itself out of the huge whole it fell into last time. The brand is fatally damaged anyway, so it can’t really hurt Chibnall’s reputation further. I think it’s likely failure is irrelevant as it will be about the future. Chibnall probably can’t wait to get rid of Broadchurch as it has turned out to be an albatross for him. He’ll be looking to slip out this last series with little fanfare, let it fade quickly and then on to the big prize!
        10. Will depend on where TV in general is heading. There are likely to be many more changes about how we view shows over next couple of years. An important thing to remember is that year over year since Moffat took over, the show’s global popularity has grown exponentially and BBC America is likely to want to have a greater say in things. They certainly won’t want fewer hours of Who.
        11. If not 13, then 14. Fine by me too.

  • Anon

    De lurking. Really don’t get the whiny whingeing about Bill, Nardole and series 10 in general. We’ve just had the best series since 2005 and possibly ever. Peter is absolutely at the top of his game. The show literally could not be in any better shape than it is now. Great new writers, BBC have promised to put it at the very centre of its schedule next year and there are likely to be heaps of other goodies for us. Just look at the new books and audios featuring 12 we are finally going to be getting. It’s clear Pearl is smashing it already and clearly she and Peter already have amazingly great rapport.

    Let’s all come together and enjoy the last series Moffat is giving us. He’s almost killed himself with hard work for this show and he has made it into a huge international behemoth and one that now gets discussed as getting Emmys. So, shutity shut up haters and Moffbashers and Tennant fangirls. Let the vast majority of us enjoy the show we love and go in with open minds and hearts.

    • Greetl

      Hear, hear. Far too much complaining. Show has never been so blessed before with Peter. Just read all the lovely things he does – check out the advice he gave to a young boy recently about making dreams come true and see how much joy he brings to fans whereever he goes. Such a perfect perfect ambassador for the show, brilliant human being and brilliant doctor. He’s just THE BEST. Peter, Pearl and Matt are going to blow our minds.