Watch Peter Jackson get a visit from the Doctor

The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson received an unexpected visit at the weekend.

In a hilarious video uploaded to Jackson’s Facebook profile this morning, Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi appears in character as the Doctor in Peter Jackon’s kitchen, with a very important letter to deliver.

Watch the clip…

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Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, 29 November 2015

Would you like to see Peter Jackson direct an episode of Doctor Who? Let us know below…

  • Andre L da Silva

    Yep – will be good to have him directing at least one !

  • Constantinos Eleftheriou


    • Jon Davis

      After the Walking Dead, and polishing the statues, and well, Who knows what else. (Hide all copies of the Silmarillion)

  • Will Myers

    He didn’t signe it… >_> He wanted to watch the walking dead… pore doctor…

  • Chandlerart

    LOL … You’re asking fans if we want to see Peter Jackson direct an episode of Doctor Who??? LOL Like anyone will say “no”.
    If he does do one, I’d want it to be a big epic 2-3 parter. 🙂

    • zybch

      But stretched to 6 episodes totally unnecessarily by adding a heap of non-canon rubbish?

      • peregrintook69


      • Chandlerart

        Agree’d on that!

  • I always wanted to see Terry Pratchett pen an episode, but this will do a well.

  • Amberlee Anne Chase

    What I would like to see is a 2 or 3 parter that is akin to a LOTR/DW cross over. Not necessarily the characters from LOTR, just the races and landscapes.

    Maybe there’s a world where fantasy literary works are alive; each book represented by lands separated by a massive river.

    Maybe even get some of the LOTR actors to come on to guest star.

    • Alex Graves

      Head Canon accepted

  • The Reverend Flasher

    Love him polishing his Oscars

  • The Reverend Flasher

    I’m the Doctor…



    • Evgeniy Tonchev


  • Sean Kiefer

    HELL FUK YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis Phélipeaux

    We need more episodes per year. This trickle downing of Doctor Who is awful.

  • I remember when Doctor Who was actually something this site talked about. Those were the days… I know ‘Sleep No More’ was bad but it seems to have scared off this entire site!

  • William Nelson

    A smell a seasonal director. Peter does an entire season; that allows him to do a 6 month stint in New Zealand with the cast.

  • Nick Lucier

    Definitely don’t want to see him act in any doctor who episodes.

  • Lului

    It means.. On the other channel is the walking dead!! Ahahaha