Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on the Amy Pond moment he’d change

Amy Pond

Outgoing Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has been conducting a Q&A session on the BBC America Twitter feed, and he’s admitted something in particular about his time on the show he’d like to change.

Firstly, lots of positive things though.

He says that the friends he’s made are the best thing about his time on the show. Then, “not entirely screwing up the Day Of The Doctor was very special for me”, Moffat admitted, when asked about his achievements on the show. “There were many opportunities for screwing it up, and screwing things up is something I’m really good at!”, he added.


In terms of what he’d change, though, he said he’s made lots of mistakes on the show, but the one that still gets him is “there’s a scene at the end of a season five episode called Flesh And Stone, where Amy comes on to the Doctor. It was a very good idea for a scene, a very good idea. She’s been through this traumatic experience, and she doesn’t quite know who or what the Doctor is… there’s a brilliant scene to be written there, and I entirely avoided writing it. I played it for laughs, and it was so wrong”.

The episode marked the conclusion of the Weeping Angels two parter in the middle of series five – Matt Smith’s first year on the show – and ends with Amy showing the Doctor her wedding dress and engagement ring (the day before her wedding to Rory), when she makes her move. The Doctor, of course, rebuffed her approach.

Moffat closed off the Q&A by saying that “Doctor Who goes on forever, it’s more than a TV programme… it’s a legend”. He might have a point there…

BBC America.