Doctor Who: the writer who turned the show down – because he didn’t like it

Steven Moffat

Outgoing Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has overseen six seasons of the show, in which time he’s brought on board a mix of writers. But it seems as though there’s one that got away.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Moffat revealed that he’d approached the creator of Jonathan Creek, David Renwick, about doing an episode of Doctor Who. But he didn’t get a positive answer.

“The one I always wanted to get to do a Doctor Who, but he just didn’t like it, was David Renwick”, he told the site. “I thought he would have been a great Doctor Who writer. But he really, really just didn’t like Doctor Who very much”.

Moffat joked that “I thought ‘what do you mean you don’t like it?! How can you not like it!? What’s wrong with you?!’”

But it wasn’t to be. It’s an interesting interview, where Moffat talks about being pleased with the collection of writers he did attract to the show. It’s worth a click…

Digital Spy.