Another RTD era ‘Doctor Who’ star spotted visiting set

Following the sightings of Russell T Davies and David Tennant together in Cardiff last week, another surprise visitor to the Doctor Who set has been revealed.









Georgia Moffett has been photographed on the TARDIS set with Peter Capaldi, although it is unclear when the photo was taken.


Moffett appeared in 2008’s ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ episode as Jenny, the daughter of the Tenth Doctor, albeit artificially created from his DNA when it was forcibly sampled with a progenation machine.

The character survived at the end of the episode, reportedly at the request of current showrunner Steven Moffat, although she has not been seen since.

One of the theories about the character that will be played by Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams in Season 9 is that she is a regenerated incarnation of Jenny.

Doctor Who Jenny Doctor's Daughter

Moffett, no relation to Steven Moffat, is also the daughter of Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor) and married to David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor).

2005-2010 showrunner Russell T Davies was spotted in Cardiff with David Tennant last week, fuelling speculation that Tennant is filming new Doctor Who scenes.

David Tennant Russell T Davies

Peter Capaldi has hinted in recent interviews that his previous role as Caecilius in 2008’s ‘The Fires of Pompeii’, which featured David Tennant’s Doctor, will be addressed in Season 9.

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Season 9 has been filming in Cardiff since January and begins on Saturday 19 September on BBC One.

> Here’s everything we know about Season 9 so far.

Do you think Jenny will return to Doctor Who in the new season? Let us know below…

  • hH

    Apparently taken from GM’s petsonal Facebook page? Picture doesn’t look current. Older Tardis set – no roundels and Capaldi’s hairstyle different. Think it was taken some time during filming of series 8, not 9. Looks like a windup to gently poke fun of the speculation surrounding sighting of RTD and DT in Cardiff last week. If so, well done Mrs T, you’ve succeeded in stirring the pot.

    Nothing to see. move along and if photo has been taken from a personal Facebook page, that’s a no no and shouldn’t be circulated further really.

    • Michael Oddjob Nelson

      well there is certainly something to see here, Georgia is a very attractive woman probably

      • Mark_Summer

        She’s ridiculously hot. I don’t know why her acting career never took off.

  • Andy L Kennedy

    She’s married to David Tennant. If he was there she has a chance of being there too

  • Joel Mole

    It’s probably a visit from the actors

  • Ghoul

    Well, this means nothing. She could just have come along with her husband.

  • Nathan Stewart

    OR he could be hanging out with old friends while GEORGIA films new scenes, which would also be awesome…

  • Hedwiga

    Jenny wasn’t that great a character and new viewers wouldn’t know who they were and I think Georgia Moffett has pretty well retired from acting as she has a young family. If David Tennant is away filming overseas or outside London for at least seven or eight months each year as he has done the last five or six years, it limits what she would be able to do as kids would already hardly ever see one of their parents at home.

    Think it must just be a snap taken on a set visit who knows when.

    • hH

      Sorry, how they choose to organise their personal life is none of our biz. Also it’s been confirmed from another poster that this was taken from GM’s Facebook page presumably without her permission and that it’s definitely from 2014 not 2015.

      • legionofthebeast

        Posted just a few days ago but clearly GM has chosen to make parts of her profile public on purpose.

        • hH

          Its her FB page – she can do what she likes I guess. In any case, bet she’s laughing her head off as this has been reported in a lot of cult media and as I said I bet GM put it up there precisely to have a bit of a rag at silly social media. Presumably DT and RTD were transacting some other business or just having a few days together catching up in Wales so having been discovered by random twitters, GM thought she’d have some fun by making it look as though she was there too by posting an old photo. Good for her – the tiniest bit of research by journalists would have made it clear that the set and Peter are from 2014. Even if this was in the public part of a FB page, still doesn’t make it right to post it elsewhere though!
          Looking forward though to series 9. As much as I liked both DT and MS in the role, there is no doubt in my mind that Peter is both a much better doctor than either and certainly a much better actor. The writing last year was really good too and overall, I’d have to say series 8 was the best we’ve had since 2005, even topping series 5.

    • legionofthebeast

      It could be from last year when she filmed an episode of Casualty

    • Mark_Summer

      I don’t think she’s retired from acting. She’s done some acting jobs recently (Holby City, Casualty, and a docudrama), as starred in and produced her own short film. She’s said she’s struggled to find acting work. Having young kids probably doesn’t help.

  • Amy Jeane

    This photo is almost certainly stolen from Georgia’s private Facebook. The original tweet containing the picture has now been deleted. Please respect her privacy and consider deleting it here too.

  • mec

    Nah. Probably dropped by to say hello like some of the previous companions like Louise Jameson and Frazier Hines.

  • Mark_Summer

    David is in Cardiff doing pre-production on a new series he’s doing with RTD. It has nothing to do with Doctor Who. Okay this is a long one. David got back from 7 months filming in the US the day before he left for Cardiff. A fan met Georgia in London the same day David and RTD were photographed in Cardiff. There are unfortunately a fair few ‘fans’ who hate Georgia for marrying David. They started celebrating and speculating about David leaving again right after returning to the UK. Georgia does have a history of trolling the haters and she obviously reads what’s said about her online. She posted the pic to her Facebook page, presumably in response to those comments. It does appear to be old. Georgia was photographed in May looking rather heavier than usual, leading many fans to believe she was pregnant.

    • Sclol

      DT was spotted in Edinbugh yesterday presumably to catch up on some of the Fringe shows and see his relatives in Scotland. I gather he’s filming something there shortly so might be doing some initial work. If his wife has had another child, for someone who spends at most a couple of weeks a year not working on location and a lot of it overseas and has done consistently the last few years, it must be very hard on his family and to miss so much of them growing up.

  • LucyBelle

    Georgia Moffett is currently about 7 months pregnant so the photo can’t be new!