Alex Kingston chats about River as full-time ‘Doctor Who’ companion

Doctor Who star Alex Kingston has discussed the possibility of signing up for a full season as the show’s regular companion.

The Arrow actress made her Doctor Who debut as River Song in 2008’s ‘Silence in the Library’ and returns to the role in this year’s Christmas special, ‘The Husbands of River Song’.

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Kingston told The Guardian: “I don’t know whether they would [have River join full-time] because in a sense I think what the fans love is she’ll come in for an adventure but then goes off again – so one can sort of spend one’s time imagining what she does when she’s not with the Doctor.”

Doctor Who The Husbands of River Song (ALEX KINGSTON)

She added: “I think if she were a constant companion I’m not sure whether the fans would enjoy that so much; it would take away from the opportunity for someone else to be a companion. I’d like it if she came back again but, yeah, I think it works best the way Steve [Moffat] has always interpreted their relationship.”

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Would you like River Song to be a full-time companion? Let us know below…

  • kashicat

    No. That’s not how her character works. And I have no idea how they would handle the fact that their stories are going backwards in relation to each other. No, let her come to visit now and then, but not be there full-time.

    • Krista

      They don’t have to go backwards, necessarily. Everything that happens in her timeline has to happen before he death, but not necessarily in a specific order compared to his timeline.

    • With the new Doctor though, who knows what is going to happen because no one expected there to be a “12th*” Doctor.

  • netsendjoe

    Well the Doctor taught her to fly the TARDIS at some point and gave her his BLUE 10th doctor screwdriver at some point. It’s all wibbly wobbly timey wimey, but we’re supposed to understand it happened sometime offscreen. As a companion, no her character isn’t that of a companion. I don’t know why the doctor married her.. Lol..

    • James Vaughan

      River had a sonic with RED SETTINGS, The Doctor with that sonic is The War Doctor

    • Brian Mann

      If I remember correctly, the TARDIS taught her to fly the TARDIS, because he wasn’t available.

    • Kathy Hoover

      Her sonic was given by Eleven as implied in Last Night at Darillium, it was never the 10th, it was one made for her specifically by, to use to preserve her in the Library. And the Tardis taught her to fly it, in Let’s Kill Hitler. River even says that…”She taught me”.

  • S. Gander

    No, she can be an occasional visitor, but to see too much of her would spoil her mystery. She sparkles when she is there – and did with both previous Doctors. She should do well with this one too – given a good script!

  • Terri Pett Thompson

    No, how she discribed the relationship perfectly captured what River is to the series. I also want Calpaldi to stay on as Dr longer.

  • bilge

    A spin off would be better, I think. We could see her life when she’s not with he doctor.

    • iLotus

      Spin off would be fantastic! Have her start her season mid Doctor Who and last till the new season! Give us a bit of the show we love all year around!

  • James Cappio

    For the love of God, no.

  • Daniel

    River is a wonderful creation and the amount we have had of her in the series is just about right. I always felt with Matt’s doctor that River Song potentially could have dominated too much in the storyline and performance which is why having her teamed with Peter Capaldi seems a better match. Both are such strong actors that neither can take over the spotlight. It was a genius idea to bring River Song back for Christmas and I hope we see more of her with Peter’s doctor in particular. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such great previews for a Christmas Who episode like we are getting for Friday – everybody seems to adore it – and thank heavens they were able to get Alex to create this matchup.
    River appearing maybe once a series at tops is sufficient not because Alex and River aren’t always superb (of course they are) but the character is simply too big to be a mere companion. She does need to come back again once or twice with Peter’s doctor and of course we have the BF series to enjoy which is shaping up to be wonderful if it is even half as great as the War Doctor set is.

  • achillia

    River is my favourite character , of course I would love to have her everyday in the show. But , as Alex says River should not be a full time companion because all the fun and happiness we had when we saw her would not be the same. River is a special character-companion, it’s better someone else to become the constant companion and Queen River to have her amazing special guests we all adore! She is the Doctor’s wife and she will always be!!!

  • Jet Black

    That has to be the most misleading headline I’ve seen today.

  • Mike Elmore

    “The Arrow actress” she plays on Arrow???

    • Macaa

      She is laurel lances mom. Captain Jack is Malcolm Merlyn who is Tommys dad.

  • Becky Northaven

    I would love to see her spend a season with the Doctor.

  • Cpond

    I think for awhile to have River join would be amazing! The first river we ever meant knew the doctor so well and they supposedly have many adventures together, to have her around for awhile would be AMAZING!! but than they need a reason, a good one, to be Apart again and only seeing each other occasionally. It has to be done right.

  • vegastearoom

    They need to go back to the library and recover/upload River.

  • Dragonsi

    I’m still waiting for the 2 of them to CONSUMMATE their marriage!

    • Proshonjit Mitra

      What makes you think they did not already?

      • Kathy Hoover

        Yeah, all those nights Eleven referred to at the end of the Wedding of River Song… “DORIUM: And Doctor Song, in prison all her days? DOCTOR: Her days, yes. Her nights? Well, that’s between her and me, eh? “

  • Jenn L Pellerin

    I really like River, shes one of my favorite characters… so personally id like to see her in the show a little more.. but its always more fun to see her interact with the doctor’s new companions… I think they should find a totally awesome new companion.. but have River visit more too… not evey episode but more than just once or twice a season… and more Madame Vastra too! What if River had her own doctor who spin off.. like Sarah Jane had… the Sarah Jane Smith adventures… that would be really awesome.. but it would be hard to keep her as a mysterious person, and it would probibly divulge too much information about her but I would still love to watch it…

    • NZConnor

      Most of the info about who she is was actually already revealed over the course of Series 6, I’m not sure what there is that we can learn about her that we don’t already know

  • Actually it depends on how her relationship with the twelfth Doctor works… But I think it could be really cool to see her as a secondary companion or something like that in the next series.

  • Robert Clagett

    No, it would mess up the reversed time lines..

  • John Tucky

    Would love it if she was the full time companion for at least one season.

  • Helles

    After seeing last night’s mini masterpiece, I now think it would be awesome if River Song and her husband could travel together for a series (24 years!). As much as I loved Matt Smith, there was more chemistry with Peter in the hour last night than the entire time she was with Matt. Next best option would be some audio adventures together or maybe some novels about their adventures together. Still smiling about how wonderful that episode was.

    • Just Me

      i agree it was a wonderful ep, and didn’t it finally feel like they looked right together? Their chemistry was amazing. This is probably my favorite River ep ever.

  • Rhyanna


  • s.m.m

    I’d like it if river join the doctor they are great together and just seem to click even if it only for just a little while

  • SparklingKijo

    Yes! Please. 🙂 I want to see their adventures!

  • Andy

    River is my favorite character! I think you should be constantly with the doctor because it would be almost impossible to keep the mystery, but should appear in frequently and for long absence between 8 and 9 season was too much!

  • James Weeks

    She’s his wife. Wives spend time with their husbands. She never really has. A season with her would be great. When I first heard Coleman was leaving and that Kingston was in the special, that was my initial hope.

  • Kathy Hoover

    I’d like a spin off of her diary adventures with Eleven, but as a regular on DW, nope…it would cheapen her sacrifice and her final goodbye in Name of the Doctor. We know River and Eleven had many nights and adventures while she was in Stormcage, as referenced in several episodes….let’s see some of those! Just not as a regular with the current Doctor, now or in the future. Her story started with a Doctor who did not know her, bookended with her not recognizing the 12th….no retconning the established timeline please!

  • Lucius Dark

    The best companion and doctor was Billie Piper and David Tennant. They had a genuine relationship and they cared for each other. If the BBC could recreate that with Kingston and Capaldi it would be more popular than ever. Doctor Who has been going down the toilet for the last two years. Having RIver Song as a permanent companion just may save the show.

  • martinbaines

    Not full time, as she rightly points out part of the charm is how she comes and goes, but I would like to see her back a bit more often.

    I loved her in Husbands of River Song, there was much better chemistry between her and Peter Capaldi than there was with Matt Smith.

  • lordbond

    The problem with River is that when we first met her she was supposed to know the Doctor better than anyone and they were supposed to have had tonnes of adventures. As it turns out, most of these adventures happened off-screen. Also when she said to Ten, “this is the youngest I’ve ever seen you”, it implied that she would be familiar with the Doctor’s next few incarnations. To end her story now, seems to do the narrative a disservice.

  • Cheryl Hampton

    Yes! She was a companion at some point and it seems that Capaldi’s doctor is ‘her doctor’ so why not give us one season showing them traveling together?

  • Faun Februus

    I love River Song, and I would gladly enjoy seeing more of her character in whatever capacity we could have her. Whether it’s as a full time companion or in a spin off, her past or even a future self- As I believe her consciousness, as in how we saw her in the Name of the Doctor, could continue on in the show without end.

    I think it would be amazing if River Song could become an unending character like the Doctor and the Master, to become a part of the mythos of the show without end- to reappear somehow even through other actors after Kingston is done with her. This is the Definitive Doctor Who love story. So why should it end any more than the Doctor himself?

  • Faun Februus

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a season where the Doctor is trapped, kidnapped or lost, and all of his past recent companions lead by River, had to go in search of him?

    Or if a season of Doctor Who and a season of River Song played side by side, bouncing off each other, in search of each other, or trying to save each other? 🙂

  • Just Me

    that would be kind of impossible, wouldn’t it, considering the Christmas ep. ends with their night at the Singing Towers, just before River goes to The Library? I mean, yeah, technically that night is 24 years long, but I’m guessing the adventures they will be having will be kinda NSFW

  • RiverAlexandraSong

    Well, spoilers on the Sonic if you haven’t seen the Christmas special – but no….not all the time . As has been said before “one psychopath per TARDIS, don’t you think ?” But definitely for the the occasional adventure or two….

  • Nette

    Did The Doctor & River ever have kids, I don’t recall…

  • Martin Jaluvka


  • vegastearoom

    She would be the perfect one to walk Capaldi into the regeneration sunset. have her do the last two of the next series, the first two with the new Doctor and let her go off. She would be a great bridge character for 13. Also, the sonic she was given by 12, which is still on the ledge of the Library, needs to retrieve her.

  • iLotus

    River would be awesome as a companion, but like she said. “One psychopath per Tardis. I fell in love with River as she is. More episodes with her, SURE, but yeah…

  • mister_carajo

    The only way I would continue to watch DW is if River Came back as his companion. Having to wait until 2017 to see the new series is a boatload of nasty bollocks.

  • C. L.

    YES!!! I know they have always been meeting in the worng order and I know some might think River’s era has end in the show after the Husbands of River Song but a lot of us fans would LOVE to see the Doctor and River being an old married couple and having adventures together with no more different time zones. That would be lovely to see, the dynamics of their story has been very very sad and I think it would be good to see some lighthearted episodes. Plus it would be amazing to see how the Twelfth Doctor is with River.