‘Being Human’ director joins ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9

Daniel O’Hara has been confirmed as a director for Doctor Who‘s new season.

O’Hara has previously directed episodes of Being Human, Silent Witness, Wizards vs Aliens and BBC One’s upcoming spy thriller The Game.

The director will helm two episodes of Season 9.

Season 9 begins filming in Cardiff next week, with Jenna Coleman returning as Clara.

> Here’s everything we know about Season 9 so far.

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  • Hagar Muhammad

    Not holding my breath this time. I am done expecting anything on the show, for now at least, enough disappointments.

  • Adrianna Watkins

    Get rid of Clara. Bring Russell Davies back, and stop making the series revolve around the Companions. Let’s focus back on the Doctor!

    • Mark S

      You do realise that RTD was the one who stated that the show should always be told from the companion’s point of view right? And he won’t be back. Ever. He’s done. Get over it. Oh and Clara is in all of season 9, so i guess you’re out of luck. Shame.

      • Adrianna Watkins

        No. Prior to Clara and Amy, the Doctor’s adventures enjoyed the different companions. When Moffat introduced “The Girl that Waited” and “The Impossible Girl” companions, then Who changed for the worse. Even the River Song, prior to Amy Pond was more interesting.

        The actress playing Clara, also needs to learn to act better.

  • Nicholas Sinisi

    Lenore Crichlow would make a good companion for Capaldi – he needs a change (but he’s not getting one). I love him as an actor, but he’s not been well served thus far by the Grand Moff…