Billie Piper up for Rose/Ten ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off

Doctor Who star Billie Piper has revealed that she’d be interested in a spin-off featuring her character Rose Tyler with David Tennant’s Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor.

The Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor appeared in Series 4’s finale, ‘Journey’s End’, in 2008.

Asked about the possibility of such a spin-off, Piper told a fan at the recent Awesome Con panel: “That would be interesting… I’d be game!”

50th billie

Discussing her role as The Moment in last year’s 50th anniversary special, ‘The Day of the Doctor’, the actress commented: “I’ve heard a lot of that, [fans saying] ‘Why couldn’t you just be Rose and actually see [the Tenth Doctor] and be with him?’”

She explained: “I think to come back and do something slightly different was welcome for me because I’d come back so many times that even though I loved Rose I thought it probably needed a bit of a shift. It’s good to watch it and wish that they could somehow connect in the way they used to instead of being totally satisfied.”

Series 8 is currently filming in Cardiff and will begin airing on BBC One in the autumn.

> Here’s everything we know about Series 8 so far.

Would you like to see Rose return? Let us know below…

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  • sam

    Id love for a spin off of those two. I loved david and.rlly missed billie

  • Angelique

    I love Rose and the tenth Doctor, but she has her own version of the Doctor and for her to return in the upcoming series would be unsettling–unless of course she showed up WITH Tennant. A spin off would be cool though. I’d watch it!

  • Noelle

    Noooooo. No. Just leave it alone. That’s like taking the most powerful and awesome love story ever and forcing them to live a real life. The spin off wouldn’t have the magic of the Tardis. The David actor would be stuck with the knowledge of his own mortality. Let it go!!!

    • Mazz

      They gave him a TARDIS they had to grow.

    • The Random Frozen Whovian

      …let it go

      Can’t hold it back anymore

      Let it go, let it go

      Turn away and slam the door

      I don’t care

      What they’re going to say

      Let the storm rage on,

      The cold never bothered me anyway

      It’s funny how some distance

      Makes everything seem small

      And the fears that once controlled me

      Can’t get to me at all

      It’s time to see what I can do

      To test the limits and break through

      No right, no wrong, no rules for me

      I’m free

      Let it go, let it go

      I am one with the wind and sky

      Let it go, let it go

      You’ll never see me cry

      Here I stand

      And here I’ll stay

      Let the storm rage on

      My power flurries through the air into the ground

      My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around

      And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast

      I’m never going back,

      The past is in the past

      Let it go, let it go

      When I’ll rise like the break of dawn

      Let it go, let it go

      That perfect girl is gone

      Here I stand

      In the light of day

      Let the storm rage on,

      The cold never bothered me anyway

      • Tracie Rathsack

        HAHAHA DAMMIT beat me to it!~

  • Xetramniz

    NO, I love 10 and i like Rose [but is far from being my favorite companion, in general and even the new series]. But i didn’t like 10th and Rose.

    And far from my personale taste, there are other things that deserve much more a spin off rather than this, the 8th Doctor with his time between BF stories and the War, a War Doctor miniseries, or even the return of Torchwood, many more ideas that needs to happen instead of this

  • El Raiden

    Sorry, but this kind of stories need to stay as bad Twilight like fanfictions

    • Katie

      Actually, I’d just like to point out that most fanfiction is actually extremely well written by talented people, especially in the Doctor Who fandom. Of course you have the odd terrible one pop up as written by CharChar, aged 12, but that’s just inevitable. There are fanfictions I’ve read that were better than the actual series.

      Actually, just go onto a fanfiction site, and READ. Any false preconceptions you currently have about fanfiction will be gone in about 3 minutes, 35 seconds.

  • Valentina Gambarini

    Yes, please… Do it! *_*

  • NHGuy73

    Part of me would have been happy with Ten and Rose until I regenerated, but talk about filler content. So Billie gave a fan the answer they wanted. It is sort of her job to be likeable. She is still an actress. I can’t imagine Tennant would ever do a spinoff series. Maybe another appearance in a special or two. I think we have a better chance of Jack&River Torchwood.

    • Marlana Moore

      I agree its about time river got her own show tho anyways since she’s knows all the doctors secrets 🙂

  • Mazz

    They could do it with a completely different type of TARDIS.

  • Poppy

    Yes, please!!:D

  • Rocío

    NO WAY. The meta-crisis doctor was a mistake then and a spin-off of their love story? Thanks, but no! The beauty of the couple was that they were doomed since the beginning.

  • Maggie Mayday

    I would watch the spin off! I think if it is done right it would be awesome! but I don’t think it could last as long as doctor who, I feel like it would be a good mini series that only has a few seasons, that way it isn’t over done. But I think a lot of fans would love this!! Looking forward to this possibility 😀

  • Rach

    YES I love them both and I think David would be up for it.

  • Rachel

    I think a spinoff with Rose and the Meta-Crisis Doctor in the parallel universe would be kind of cool. It would be interesting to see how the Doctor would deal with that new mortality and the adjustment to living a human life on earth. And of course there was that one deleted scene where Ten gave them a piece of the TARDIS to grow their own. It would be fun to see how that TARDIS would grow.
    And even if it wasn’t an actual tv show, a Big Finish Audio spinoff would be really neat too.

  • Madyson Schmidt

    YES I love Ten and TenTwo and Rose! I have heard A LOT of people saying that they want this and I would LOVE it if this happened because we haven’t really heard anything else on it and I would definitely watch it!!!

  • Brad Statham

    No. Just no. It was a way to provide a weird closure to the Rose/10th pseudo romance. Just leave it at that.

  • The28thDoctor

    10 and Rose were amazing. I miss them both It would be very interesting to see a spin off in the parallel universe. Plus who knows, in the parallel universe perhaps, just perhaps Gallifrey isn’t time locked and the time lords are a plenty? Just a thought.

    • Why

      Isn’t time locked? Did you watch the 50th?

  • Priscilla


  • Eva Foster

    Yes, as long as Tennant is back as well.

  • Emre


  • suzy

    Yes! I would love this, but only if it were written by RTD

  • larry

    No. Just no. If anyone deserves more time on the screen under the Doctor Who banner, that would be Christopher Eccleston. He is the reason I became interested in this show, and I lost a lot of that interest when he regenerated and they took off with the Love story crap.

    • Hagen

      Christopher was also my first Doctor and I wish we could have seen more of him. However, he is the one who declined more time with the show and has done his best to distance himself, never talking about his role in any interviews since his departure.

  • James Grayh

    It’s not going to happen, but ok….

  • tenxroseforever

    Yes please yes I would love this!

  • Kayla Bloom

    I approve of that idea! I mean, we never really knew what happened after the real 10 left them on the beach, so why not see what’s been happening! Maybe they went on their own whacky adventures, MAYBE HAD KIDS AFTER SO MUCH TIME. <–THIS, is what some people would be surprised to see 😀 I just ADORE the idea! Think of what's to come if it came true! 😀

  • Erin

    No. The beauty is in the not knowing. As much as I love ten and Rose, I would not want to watch a British sitcom about them. Unless of course, the meta crisis ten is running around saving small-scale disasters without the luxury of manipulating time and space and just being a vigilante geek hero, that might be interesting.

    • David Barrios

      Actually there is a deleted scene from that episode in which the Doctor and Donna give the meta-crisis doctor some sort of machine part that will allow him to make another Tardis.

      • Jimmy Humphries

        there is a line that made it in the episode referring to that, so it is canon that Ten2 will have his own TARDIS.

  • Annie Holt-carver


  • thesiso

    It will be Epic!

  • avoura

    Would be a great idea so long as the BBC have the desire and the budget for it without taking anything away from Doctor Who.

  • Rachel

    Go for it. The idea sounds really cool! 🙂

  • Sonicajones

    That would be amazing if they did it right. Rose and the Doctor working at alternate torchwood while figuring out where to go in their relationship.

  • campergirl40

    Yes, please bring her back. She was the best of all of them.

  • thegavel

    Go back and save Madame de Pompadour (Reinette) she was amazing.

  • MarvelMistress7

    Please please please yes!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lori W

    HECK YEAH!!!!!

  • Tonks05

    Davies did consider doing a mini series for Rose called “Rose Tyler Defender of Earth” but decided that it would be one spin off too many since they already had “Torchwood” and The series about Sarah Jane. That series was before the meta crisis Doctor was introduced. I think it would be interesting to see how they cope, or what happens next but there is not a lot to make a lot of seasons about. i also think that the spin off may burn us out on the Rose, Doctor, love story. Maybe a movie or a special that just answers some of the more pressing questions we have. For example: How will the Doctor cope with his mortality? or How does he handle having a normal life without running about?

  • Biba

    Yes! YES YES YES! If they can keep the continuity and keep it spontaneous :D, but i don’t think it’ll be hard they’ll just do what they do 🙂

  • YukiDemon

    I need this to happen more then I need to breath.

  • Dana Shiell

    I would love to see it happen just because I can’t let go of David. It would also be interesting to see what life is like for the doctor being human and with his true love, not a woman he loved because he has to change into a human to save his life

  • Christine

    I love #10 and absolutely adore Rose! I miss them both!

  • tiney

    No I think it would turn into a soapie. I think it would be better to have an ep of Doctor Who where the Doctor lands in their universe while looking for the universe the Time Lords are hiding in (now that the Time Lords are back that should be possible) and he meets them and we see what they’ve been doing.

    • Hagen

      I never even considered that. Good idea!

    • Jimmy Humphries

      I’d be content with a catch up cameo! I’d love to see if they had children!

  • anna

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Bonnie Dykes

    I think anything that will bring more David Tennant to the screen would be a smash from the word “go”. GO!

  • Lena.


  • Hamulas

    It would be cool but extremely hard. These kind of things can be a success or a total failure if not done it the right way.
    But I would watch it. I so loved Ten&Rose.

  • Mirandablue

    I would absolutely love to have this spin-off of them. They are my favorite!!!

  • Kat

    I’d definitely love a spin off series with the both of them in it, it’d be really interesting to see how things go for the both of them. If they do make one I really hope they try to maintain the style the Ten and Rose episodes were written in though. They were definitely much better written then the newer episodes with Matt Smith in them. (This is just my opinion though.)

  • Tomer Feiner

    And NO.

    One companion that does need a spin-off, after Liz Sladen died, is one particular woman from Perivale who slayed Daleks with a baseball bat and has started a charity after the Doctor left her.
    A spin-off like that would be Ace.

  • Shinobi Jedi

    She came back and played a living incarnation of the Tardis. That is waaaaaaay cooler than coming back as Rose.

  • Wolf Mackenzie

    I LOVE Meta-Crisis Doctor and I think I would LOVE to see more about him. He is the Doctor, but also as was noted a bit different personality – wise. So honestly I would love this more than I could possibly even say.

    And folks… do you really think they’d let it get like a soapie? I mean jeez. Just because Sarah Jane was based on earth didn’t mean her adventures in her spin off wasn’t special.

  • Lewis Hackett

    I think maybe one of the 10th Doctor’s companions could come back now that it’s the second Doctor after David Tennant, and do something similar to Sarah Jane Smith where they realise that their Doctor has gone and their time has passed – I know that would make me so sad but with some of the companions it kind of needs to be done

  • Cazzie Jay

    Cant imagine there would be much story to a show like this. But with Tennant aboard, I’ll watch every episode produced and love it because Tennant is an amazing and charismatic actor!

  • Jimmy Humphries

    I didn’t know how much I wanted this!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!!

  • Carol

    A spinoff?!!! with David and Billie??? I’d love it!!