Constantine: Matt Ryan reveals his favourite comic book stories

Matt Ryan debuted as the DC Comics character John Constantine in NBC’s short-lived Constantine series back in 2014, before pivoting onto The CW for guest spots on Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow. Ryan also appeared recently on the CW Seed online platform, in an animated adventure entitled Constantine: City Of Demons. But despite all of that work under his belt, there are still Constantine stories that Ryan would love to enact on the small screen.

In a brand new interview, Ryan was asked if ‘Dangerous Habits’ is a comic he would like to adapt. ‘Dangerous Habits’, written by Garth Ennis with art by Will Simpson, saw Constantine developing lung cancer and subsequently attempting to con the lords of Hell in search of a cure. Here’s what Ryan said on the topic of adapting this story onto the screen, and whether he would be up for it:

“F**k yeah! Pardon my language, that’s my favourite one at the moment. It’s just great. It always sticks with me. It’s the first one I ever read. My hope was that we would get there with the live action show.”

Ryan went on to suggest another Constantine comic he would love to see on TV:

“The other one that I was really interested in when we were shooting [the NBC series] Constantine was ‘Family Man,’ because I think it’s really interesting seeing John interact with a human being. The dark side of humanity. He can be almost fine with the demons but then it comes to the human beings and it’s slightly more difficult.”

Written by Jamie Delano and Dick Foreman with art by Ron Tiner, Sean Phillips and Mark Buckingham, ‘Family Man’ is a comic in which Constantine is put on a collision course with a creepy serial killer.

Here’s hoping that, at some point in his future, Ryan does get to adapt these iconic Constantine stories onto the screen. Next up, Ryan will play Constantine as a recurring character throughout Legends Of Tomorrow season 4.

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