Deadly Class: new comic book TV show coming, from Infinity War directors

Syfy has ordered a full season of Deadly Class, a small screen comic book adaptation from Joe and Anthony Russo. These brothers are best known for directing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War for Marvel Studios, which makes any comics-adapting project with their names on it a very exciting prospect indeed.

In its original incarnation as a comic book, Deadly Class is an Image Comics series which was written by Rick Remender with art by Wesley Craig, Rus Wooton and Lee Loughridge. The series, which began its run in 2014 and hasn’t stopped yet, takes place in the 1980s at a secret school named King’s Dominion Atelier Of The Deadly Arts. Therein, some youngsters are trained to be the next generation of master assassins.

Rick Remender is heading up this TV adaptation of his work alongside Miles Orion Feldsott (American Koko). Both will executive produce alongside the aforementioned Russo Brothers, and Mike Larocca (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes). The successful pilot episode was directed by Lee Toland Krieger, who recently shot episodes of Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.

Bill McGoldrick of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, the owners of Syfy, said this in a statement:

“We’re committed to developing graphic novels for Syfy and have found a rich, compelling, truly unique world in Deadly Class. Our producing partners expertly combined high school angst, 80s nostalgia and comic flair into a beautifully realized, visually arresting pilot that truly brings Rick and Wes’ acclaimed comic series to life.”

Expect casting news and production start date info to follow in due course. This sounds like an exciting one to us.