Doctor Who: Bradley Walsh confirms he didn’t have to audition for role

Filming is now underway on Doctor Who series 11, the first full run for Jodie Whittaker in the TARDIS. And amongst those travelling with her are three new companions. One of whom is being played by Bradley Walsh (Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill round out the rest of the crew).

Walsh appeared on The One Show yesterday, and there was no shortage of Doctor Who conversation as a result – including the revelation that he didn’t have to audition for his role in the show!

“Chris Chibnall, who runs it, asked if I fancy being in the show”, he confirmed. And that was pretty much that.

Declaring that he’s “proud to be a part of it”, Walsh also expanded on the secrecy surrounding the programme. “When I went down to meet them and we had the first script meeting… I walked in. I had to go through a scanner. I had to have my ID with me. Just like an airport, getting into the reading”.

“I’d go through a scanner”, he continued, “then you were taken into this big, big room. Massive like a warehouse room, painted black”.

“There was eight of us sitting round the table, right in the middle with a light on top. [We were given] black envelopes with a script in them, with your name embossed in gold. We had to open them at the same time. You’ve never seen anything like it”.

Walsh won’t be seen on screen in Doctor Who until next autumn. But expect the look of his character to be revealed shortly…

The episode of The One Show is on iPlayer now.