‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 to film in Vancouver?

The Doctor Who team will apparently be heading to Canada later this year as filming on the new season continues.

The second block of filming for Season 10 is currently underway in Wales, comprising of Episode 3, written by Sarah Dollard (‘Face the Raven’), and Episode 4, written by Doctor Foster creator Mike Bartlett.

Peter Capaldi reportedly told fans on set yesterday, verified by several sources on Twitter, that location filming will be taking place in Vancouver, BC in October.

If true, this won’t be the first time Doctor Who has shot there. Paul McGann made his debut as the Eighth Doctor twenty years ago in ‘The TV Movie’, which was filmed entirely in Vancouver in 1996.

Doctor Who TV Movie Paul McGann Eighth

‘The TV Movie’ is coming to Blu-ray for the first time next month.

Many US sci-fi TV shows make the most of the stunning BC landscape, including Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and The X-Files.

Interestingly, director Rachel Talalay – who helmed ‘Dark Water’, ‘Death in Heaven’, ‘Heaven Sent’ and ‘Hell Bent’ – is a film professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and has previously directed episodes of Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in the city. Could she be returning in Season 10?

Talalay was also recently linked to the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

The new season of Doctor Who began filming in Cardiff in June and will air on BBC One in spring 2017.

Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Would you like to see Doctor Who return to Vancouver? Let us know below…

  • Jessica Cobden

    This is very interesting. Let’s for the moment assume that Rachel is not only back, but that her knowledge of the area and its facilities, is partly behind this decision. ( John Barrowman?). Might we expect shooting at other studios…use of their props and costumes? This would give an added sheen to what is already looking like a very exciting year.It looks like ” The Moffeteer ” is having a mojo boost

    • Harvey Lee

      Vancouver has earned the titled of Hollywood North, so yes to all your points. I’d even say it’s more favourable to film a good portion of an episode in Vancouver than in New Zealand, like Peter Jackson wants.

      • Jessica Cobden

        The amazing landscape of Vancouver, would be incredible for Doctor Who, Harvey Lee. I agree. As for Peter Jackson…hmm, one can but dream. Though plenty more surprises still yet to come

  • Nigel Gentry

    I do background work (TV/movie extra) in Vancouver. I’d LOVE to be on Doctor Who as an extra!!! I’d even do it for free. 🙂

  • Allen Walker

    I might even have to make a pilgrimage “across the pond” (what we call the Strait of Georgia, which separates Vancouver from “The Rock” (aka Vancouver Island / Victoria))… But I am sure I wouldn’t be able to actually see anyone, probably not even from a distance… 🙁

    • Birch Wind

      It’s worth it! I think I’ll be traveling from the Fraser Valley and squatting at my friend’s apt in Vancouver this fall lol

    • Natnasci

      The Rock is the province of Newfoundland, 4,500 kilometres east. The Strait of Georgia has been renamed and is now The Salish Sea.
      Just so you know 🙂

      • Allen Walker

        Unless you actually live here you won’t have any idea what *we* call our island.
        And according to Google Maps (and the Internet is always correct, just ask
        it) the Salish Sea is north of Victoria, up by Parksville. Strait of Georgia is exactly where I said it was…

        • Natnasci

          I’ll concede that the term Straight of Georgia is still valid, but the Salish Sea includes all of the Straight of Georgia, Puget Sound, and the Juan de Fuca Strait . It’s not just ” north of Victoria ”

          As for The Rock. I do live here since 1958, and I have NEVER heard Vancouver Island called the rock.

          Can you supply a link that confirms this??