‘Doctor Who’ star Ingrid Oliver says she knows which Osgood is a Zygon

Ingrid Oliver has hinted that there are “some very small tells” which reveal which version of her Doctor Who character Osgood is not human.

Osgood first appeared in 2013’s ‘The Day of the Doctor’, where the UNIT scientist was duplicated by a Zygon, resulting in two Osgoods. One of the Osgoods was killed by Missy in ‘Death in Heaven’, but has been left deliberately unclear in which Osgood had survived.

Discussing last year’s last year’s ‘The Zygon Invasion’ and ‘The Zygon Inversion’ episodes, Oliver told Doctor Who: The Fan Show: “In the script it simply said Osgood 1 and Osgood 2. Steven [Moffat] never said explicitly ‘This is Zygon Osgood and this is not Zygon Osgood – or Hybrid Osgood’, so I sort of made a choice, but I don’t know if it’s right!”

Doctor Who Death in Heaven Missy Osgood

Asked if there were any tells to signify which Osgood is which, she revealed: “Yes, in my head there are some very small tells. But, having said that, it’s sort of open to interpretation – because I guess that’s the point of the episode. In my head, inevitably there are a couple of little things that I did.”

Oliver joked: “I don’t know if people have noticed it – probably not… the Zygon one strokes her chin a lot!”

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  • Dr. Moo

    Time for another rewatch then? As if I need an excuse to watch these two episodes! They’re so very good, almost perfect, so any reason for me to go back to them is something I welcome.

  • Charlieboy

    Truly, one of the worst characters, ever!

  • Bardotti

    Really loved this character. Read a rumour she may be back to join Peter in the Christmas special being filmed shortly. Hope so as they were good together. Love it if she got to travel with Bill and the doctor for a while too. Zygon two parter was one of my favourites last year. Scary and sad with thst awesome speech from the doctor at the end.

    • greetl

      I would love it if she came back for the Christmas special. One of the very best characters on the show. Where did you hear this?