‘Doctor Who’ star Jenna Coleman hints at new Clara setup in Season 9

Jenna Coleman has been chatting about the new season of Doctor Who at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Discussing the relationship between Clara and the Doctor in the upcoming episodes, Coleman told DS: “I’d say it’s less bumpy. They’ve reached a pleasant place of understanding.”

She also suggested that Clara might be living onboard the TARDIS full-time now, rather than living a double-life working at Coal Hill School. The Doctor has not had companions living regularly on the TARDIS since Amy and Rory returned to a life on Earth at the end of ‘The God Complex’ in 2011.

She teased: “They’ve got to a place where she’s no longer split between her life and Doctor Who life. She kinda throws herself into the TARDIS and her life with the Doctor and joins him in reckless abandon.”

Doctor Who Last Christmas Clara

On playing the longest-serving companion since Doctor Who returned in 2005, Coleman commented: “It’s great. It’s such a unique relationship so it’s really wonderful to be able to have that time to explore it – and personally it means I get to hang out with [Peter Capaldi] a lot more, which is always great.”

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The new season has been filming in Cardiff since January and will begin on BBC One in September.

> Here’s everything we know about Season 9 so far.

What are your hopes for Clara this season? Let us know below…

  • HenryV

    Clara has really won me over. It’s helped that Jenna is the best actor we’ve ever had as a companion and the writing last year was so stellar (plant based episode aside) but most of all, she and Peter just have the most explosive and fantastic chemistry. I really can’t think of any other pairing in Who where we have had two great actors toe to toe, great writing to support it and such great rapport between the two. I also like that Clara will be on the Tardis more regularly. While the school based side provided some great background, some great jokes, the writers let her character down a bit with the Danny Pink relationship. It did give us Listen which is possibly the greatest single episode in all of Who history (that episode just gives so much on every repeat viewing) but it also weighed down the potential for Clara. Clara and the doctor travelling together, with Clara keeping him in line sounds divine.

    • IamtheImpossibleGirl

      Ditto. I’ve loved her from the beginning. And agreed about the Danny Pink mess.

    • securitykitchen

      Spot on.

    • Mark Pompeo

      “I really can’t think of any other pairing in Who where we have had two great actors toe to toe, great writing to support it and such great rapport between the two.”
      Sounds like someone is in need of rewatching season 4.

      • timmy

        No, pretty much correct.

      • timmy

        Nope. Whatever opinion you may have (Opinion as opinion? Bless!) on the series, that’s a perfectly valid reading. And it’s true.

        • HenryV

          Totally. I don’t mind Donna and 10 as characters, although both are way too shouty and one note for me, but not sure in what universe either Tennant or Tate measure up anywhere near to Capaldi and Colman as actual actors. I think it’s that we have both great characters and great actors as Doctor and companion at last. While Matt is obviously a brilliant actor and doctor, Karen Gillan simply doesn’t have the range of Jenna (Amy is a terrific companion though) and while Chris, like Matt, John and Peter is a great actor, his doctor never really gelled and of course Rose may be the single worst companion in all of Who, although Billie is a perfectly fine actor. David is an ok not great actor, but 10 is a very average doctor. Martha and Donna are great companions but not great actors. To tick off both actor and character as truly great in a Doctor/companion pairing is unique to Peter/12 and Jenna/Clara.

    • Dr. Moo

      I agree with everything you just said. And it’s nice to see how you felt about “Listen” which just so happens to be my personal favourite Doctor Who of the lot.

      • HenryV

        I think time will judge Listen as Moffat’s masterpiece. I also think that it is something we will return to during Peter’s time as the Doctor. It’s an episode whose majesty grows on every rewatch. You can see how some of Moffat’s earlier material informs the episode but then Moffat twists it and improves it. I like to think Peter’s casting inspired him to write it. A perfect jewel of an episode.

        • Dr. Moo

          Perfect doesn’t do that particular episode justice. It’s simultaneously horror, black comedy and genuinely moving with an end twist that (an early) Shyamalam would be proud of. It’s nothing short of a masterpiece that actually manages to get better with repeat viewing.