‘Doctor Who’ writer developing new ‘War Of The Worlds’ adaptation

The makers of Poldark are working on a major new TV adaptation of The War Of The Worlds.

Mammoth Screen’s project is reportedly set to coincide with the expiration of the copyright on HG Wells’ novel in December 2016.

Doctor Who writer Peter Harness (‘Kill the Moon’, ‘The Zygon Invasion’) is apparently developing a mini-series set in the same Victorian period and setting of the original novel.

Doctor Who Kill the Moon

Set in the Surrey town of Dorking when it becomes invaded by Martians, Wells’ science fiction novel was originally published in 1897.

The story has been adapated into seven movies (most recently starring Tom Cruise in 2005), a hit musical and a previous Canadian/American TV series that ran from 1988 to 1990.

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Peter Harness also adapted Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell for BBC One earlier this year.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell 4

Mammoth managing director Damien Timmer told Broadcast: “The aftershock of The War Of The Worlds can still be felt in popular culture today. The story of a Martian invasion as experienced in Victorian Surrey is a masterpiece. We want this new adaptation to reaffirm H G Wells’ position as one of this country’s most important writers.”

It is hoped that the series will begin filming in early 2017.

Do you want to see a new version of The War Of The Worlds? Let us know below…

  • Martin Pollard

    No mention of the infamous 1938 Orson Welles radio drama version that allegedly caused mass panic in America (there was panic, but how widespread it was is apparently in dispute)? Shame!

  • DemosCat

    I have a cheesy film adaptation (not the Tom Cruise version) released in 2005 that attempts to be fateful to the novel. It too is set in the late 19th century.

    It’s too fateful. Pacing in 19th century novels is much slower than TV or movie goers are used to today.

    Early in the novel there’s a whole lot of walking back and forth from town to the first Martian capsule before it opens. I recall being bored while reading that part as a teenager. Once the capsule opens, that’s when things get really interesting in the novel.

    But that movie? As someone put it on IMDB, “It makes Ed Wood look like Orson Welles.”

    Hopefully Peter Harness can do better with a 19th century adaptation.

    • Dr. Moo

      There’s a 2008 sequel “War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave”. No really. There is.

  • Dean Westray

    This better be set in the correct time period (i.e. 19th Century), as per the book. Not another contemporary one set in the bleeding present.

  • Dr. Moo

    Here’s hoping he delivers something more like Zygons and less like Moon.

  • Helles

    Tom Cruise film is actually pretty good. I am hoping though that they take the Victorian/Edwardian route with this adaptation though. If they are spending money on the CGI, may as well go whole hog. Kill the Moon was interesting, Zygon was the goods though and Strange/Norrell is right up there with Doctor Who, River and Wolf Hall as my favourite tele this year. so looking good.

    • Charlieboy

      Kill the Moon was laughable!

  • ColeBox

    Have wanted to see a properly done Victorian version of War of the Worlds done as a British costume drama since the BBC did The Lost World in 2001. Fingers crossed it happens.