It looks like new ‘Doctor Who’ companion won’t be from London!

Following over a decade of London-based companions, it looks like Doctor Who newcomer Pearl Mackie’s character Bill will break the trend.

Modern Doctor Who companions Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and Clara Oswald all lived in the London area (although Clara originally hailed from Blackpool).

Even Amy Pond and Rory Williams, who were first seen in the fictional Leadworth village, appeared to have ended up living in London by 2011’s ‘The God Complex’.

However, new photos of location filming for the new season of Doctor Who suggest that Bill will be studying in Bristol when we meet her next year.

Cardiff University has been transformed into the rather snowy “St. Luke’s University, Bristol”.

Today was Pearl Mackie’s first day of location filming.

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat recently revealed that Bill is definitely from the present day.

He told DWM: “She’s from now, yeah. I know there are rumours about her being from the 1980s, but she isn’t. She’s just wearing what young people are wearing now. I know that, because Pearl chose her outfit herself.”

Moffat also hinted: “How we first encounter her, and how we first encounter the Doctor next year, is very unusual for us.”

Doctor Who Bill Pearl Mackie

The new season of Doctor Who will air on BBC One in spring 2017, with Matt Lucas returning as Nardole.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

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  • Dr. Moo

    I remember everyone complaining that she was from the present, female, in her twenties… then we got another new companion in Nardole and everyone complained even though he fit in with the not from the present, not female, not twenties criteria.

    • Greetl

      People just like to complain, don’t they? From my view, it’s all positive. Pearl just looks like she is going to be amazing, we have Peter Capaldi who is just unbelievably brilliant as 12 and is being put forward for an Emmy (yeah, how great is that!), we have great writers including some newbies, we have Matt Lucas who is so sweet and hilarious and is an ALIEN IN THE TARDIS – WOO HOO, we are going to get the last series from the Grand Moff and we know he is going to go out on a high and we are coming from the best series of the show ever (surely at least that is one thing that’s a solid fact and every must agree upon) . So very good. Only down side is the long wait but even over in Australia we get to see all these great set piccies. Stop being whinging Poms folks, we are probably at the best point in recent Who history. Enjoy!!!!

      • alyzu

        Greetl: Yes yes yes yes and yes! To everything you wrote!

        • Greetl

          Really happy to wake up this morning and see all of the photos from the first days’ shooting and Pearl and Peter being adored by fans. Certainly a poke in the eye to those who reckon the show’s popularity is declining over there. Looks like they were mobbed and as ever Peter graciously signed things and had photos taken to accommodate everybody even at the expense of his own free time – best ambassador the show has ever had. When he was in Australia he kept going above and beyond for everyone too. Pearl looks to be just as lovely as Jenna and Karen were to the fans too. Happy days as far as I can see. Looks like we are going to be in for an amazing series and could be even better than last year (if that could be possible, but then nobody thought series 5 could ever be topped and series 9 was even better!!!)

  • Dr. Moo

    Is that snow? IS BILL IN THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL??? Cue frantic response of fans reading too much into things.

    • russell

      I am exceedingly guilty of reading too much into things. There is a special guest star in some other pictures with Pearl : A long tube looking wotsit. Wrapped in paper adorned with colourful holly.

      • Dr. Moo

        “A long tube looking wotsit. Wrapped in paper adorned with colourful holly.” – The Doctor’s new sonic screwdriver is proving a controversial design choice with fans.

        • russell

          What to give the man who has all of time and space at his fingertips – indeed.

  • Studying in Bristol doesn’t mean she won’t be from London

    • or end up in London, just like Amy, Rory and Clara did.

    • Aaron Stormageddon

      can someone British inform me of what her accent is? Where specifically does she sound like she’s from?

      • Ruairidh Alex Alderson

        According to Google, Pearl herself is from Brixton, London.

  • Aaron Stormageddon

    pretty sure everything Moffat is saying here is a lie: I think she IS from the 80s, otherwise the sneak peek doesn’t make much sense. Also, snow makes it suspiciously like Christmas

  • Ruairidh Alex Alderson

    Alright, what? Amy’s Scottish, Rory’s from Gloucestershire and Clara’s from Blackpool. That’s an even three to three, at least in top billed roles.