Legends of Tomorrow S3: Matt Ryan returning as Constantine

We already knew we would be getting a Constantine animated series on CW Seed, but now Matt Ryan’s return to the DC TV universe has been expanded for a guest appearance on Legends of Tomorrow‘s third season.

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, showrunner Phil Klemmer said: “We get Billy Zane and the circus. We get a little Julias Caesar on the beach in Aruba in the premiere. We meet Zari in this sort of dystopian future. We get to do a little Amblin alien episode back in the ’80s; we do some Jack the Ripper Victorian London; Golden Age of Hollywood; John Constantine doing an exorcism.”

He stuck that one in there, but we can take that as confirmation that fans of the ill-fated NBC adaptation of the character will be treated to his face as well as his voice this season.

Following the show’s cancellation, Matt Ryan has appeared on a season four episode of Arrow, officially integrating him into the larger ‘verse.

You can get a glimpse at the animated show below: