Master Of None season 3: Lena Waithe offers update

It was a sad day for many when Aziz Ansari was drawn into the post-Weinstein ‘Me Too’ debate, with Ansari’s real-life behaviour being scrutinised and questioned by people the world over. Since he’s the lead actor and one of the main writers on Netflix’s thoughtful romance-themed drama Master Of None, the revelation of these concerns regarding Ansari’s sex life was a tough news story to read. (Of course, it’s worth remembering that all the ‘Me Too’ stories have been upsetting to read.)

Statements were made, apologies were offered, and then everything went quiet. Now, The Independent has turned to Lean Waithe – a series regular on Master of None – for an update. The British paper asked, “Have you spoken to Aziz? Is he doing okay?”

Waithe replied: “He’s doing good, yeah, he’s in good spirits.”

Asked whether she knows what is happening with Master Of None, Waithe said this: “I don’t. I mean, I talk to Aziz and Alan [Yang, co-creator] but it’s the last thing that ever comes up in our conversations.”

She added: “It’s their show, it’s up to them, truly, which is what’s kind of cool about Netflix, unless they really hate a show they’re always like, ‘Yeah feel free to come back and do more,’ so I think the ball’s in their court, I just haven’t asked the question.”

As it stands, Master Of None season 3 hasn’t been formally announced. While we wait to hear more, Waithe can be seen in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.

The Independent