Matt Smith ‘spoke like Christopher Isherwood’ on set

The director of Christopher And His Kind has revealed that Doctor Who star Matt Smith became “immersed in the character” of novelist Christopher Isherwood during the filming of the one-off drama.

Christopher And His Kind explores Isherwood’s formative years in 1930s Berlin in the run-up to the Second World War and airs at 9.30pm on Saturday on BBC Two.

Director Geoffrey Sax (Doctor Who: ‘The Movie‘, Stormbreaker) told CultBox: “He learned how to do Isherwood’s walk and the voice. We then let it go a bit as we didn’t want him to be hamstrung with it. He was so immersed in the character and watched so many hours of footage; he spoke like him a lot, even off camera. Not all the time, but he’d always start the voice well before a shot so by the time we said action he was already there.”

He also commented: “Matt was very, very focused; very prepared. When we first met, just after I’d been brought on board, he and I went for coffee together and he’d already done a huge amount of research. I was going to encourage him to do that, but he’d already done it!”