Motherland series 2 officially confirmed by the BBC

UPDATE: It was known back in March that it was coming, but the BBC has now officially commissioned and announced a second series of Motherland.

Six more half-hour episodes have been confirmed, and the official synopsis announcement reads as follows…

A collective sigh of relief can be heard across the Motherland as a new school term dawns. It’s also dawned on Julia that she still hasn’t sorted her childcare. Her wonderful husband has decided to step up to the mark and train for Iron Man. The alpha mums are back in the cafe, rolling up their blouse sleeves for this year’s PTA while Kevin looks on from his table next to the toilet. Liz has mastered the art of not giving a f**k, and is going back to bed.

Welcome back to Motherland returning soon to BBC Two.

Expect it on our screens later this year…

March 2018

Irish actress, writer and producer Sharon Horgan has been chatting about the second series of Motherland, the BBC comedy show she wrote with Holly Walsh, Graham Linehan and Helen Linehan. Motherland series 1 launched in November 2017, and Motherland series 2 was ordered last week.

“We definitely want to get a few more mums in there”, Horgan teased, in a new interview. “We represented as many types without them feeling like types as we could [in series 1], but I think there’s more out there to explore and so many great comedy actresses to play those roles as well. It’s like being a kid with a bunch of toys, it’s the best thing ever.”

On the less enthusiastic side of the plate, Horgan did admit that bringing the Motherland writing team together is “a bit of a logistical nightmare because there’s quite a few writers on it so just getting us together and available at the same time but we’re working it out, for sure”.

Here’s hoping that Horgan, Walsh and the Linehans can get together and get the Motherland series 2 scripts finished as soon as possible. There is no word yet on a release date for Motherland series 2, but we’re hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

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