Solo trailer: Han’s Star Wars spin-off looks very fun

The brand new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has arrived on the interweb. And despite the troubled production of this Star Wars spinoff – which saw Ron Howard stepping in, late in the day, to replace directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller – the finished product looks like a lot of fun.

Kicking off with a guitar riff that feels unlike anything else from the Star Wars universe, Solo sets its stall out as a unique offering, separated from the pomp and righteousness of the main Skywalker saga. This is a film about scoundrels and criminals, and it already feels highly refreshing. After the fandom-splitting divisiveness of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, perhaps this is exactly the film we need.

Without further speculation, here’s the trailer…

See what I mean? With chases, heists, betrayals and witty interactions aplenty, Solo looks like a breath of fresh air. We’ve no idea which characters (besides Han, Chewie and Lando) will remain alive at the end, and there’s no telling how Han will behave – after all, this film takes place long before his heroic days with the Rebel Alliance. At this point, the galaxy is a wild frontier, and Han just wants to profit from it.

Alden Ehrenreich stars as Han Solo, the scruffy-looking smuggler made famous by Harrison Ford. Donald Glover plays Lando Calrissian. Joonas Suotamo reprises the role of Chewbacca. And there are a bunch of new characters, too, played by famous faces like Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson. Plus, there’s a droid voiced by Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. What more could you want?

Solo has a UK release date of May 24th, 2018.