Star Trek: reports claim Patrick Stewart is close to returning

Captain Jean-Luc Picard may be appearing on our television sets again in a brand new Star Trek series, because, according to a new report, Sir Patrick Stewart is keen to make it so.

Soon after Alex Kurtzman was announced as the new showrunner for the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery, news broke that the producer had also inked a deal to develop some more Trek series for CBS. THR claimed that there was a place for Stewart’s Picard in among these potential plans.

And now, a report from The Mirror is claiming that Stewart is “close to securing a deal” to return to his iconic role, which originated in Star Trek: The Next Generation before spreading across numerous iconic movies.

“Patrick is ­looking pretty good to get back on board the Enterprise”, a source in LA reportedly told The Mirror. “There are some aspects of the deal to be finalised, but there is a verbal commitment from all parties.”

The belief appears to be that this would be a live-action TV series with Picard playing a prominent role, although it’s unclear at the moment which continuity it would sit in. This writer would assume that it will be the original Trek timeline that housed TNG, but we won’t know for sure until an official announcement comes.

“There are animated series also in the works,” The Mirror’s source is quoted as saying, before suggesting that “Patrick could easily lend his voice to them” as well. Certainly, Stewart has become a prolific voice actor, and it’s hard to imagine him shying away from an opportunity to use those skills in the Trek world.

Naturally, we’ll keep you posted as we hear more on the development of any Star Trek series at CBS.