Supergirl season 4 will add a grown-up Lex Luthor

The Supergirl TV show is finally bringing an adult Lex Luthor into the fold, having previously written out the iconic Superman villain by saying he’s in prison.

The main Luthor in Supergirl, of course, is Katie McGrath’s Lena. We’ve also met Lex and Lena’s mother, Brenda Strong’s Lillian. Their father, Lionel, was played in one flashback episode by Ian Butcher. And in that same episode, we saw kid versions of Lex and Lena, played by Aidan Fink and Camille Marty respectively.

We’ve never met the grown-up Lex in the show, though, but all that’s about to change. The show’s executive producers, Robert L. Rovner and Jessica Queller, have released this statement:

“We’re beyond excited to introduce iconic villain Lex Luthor to Supergirl and to weave him into our story this season. We’ve talked about having Lex on the show since its inception, and we’re excited to have him finally arrive. We can’t wait for him to shake things up in National City and watch him go toe to toe with not only Supergirl, but his sister, Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath).”

We don’t yet know who will play Lex, when he will arrive, or how his prison stint will come to an end. Casting is believed to be underway for the role, so we’ll be sure to let you know as we hear more.

Supergirl season 4 debuts on Sky One, for UK viewers, on 22nd October.