Supergirl season 4: Chris Woods will not return as Mon-El

Chris Woods will not return as Mon-El in Supergirl season 4, with the character returning to the future – in the Supergirl season 3 finale – to live out his heroic destiny, rather than sticking in the present day to hang out with Melissa Benoist’s Kara and the DEO gang.

“The plan for Chris was always to have him on the show for two years,” Supergirl exec producer Robert Rovner explained in an interview with TVLine. “We’ve loved telling Mon-El’s story, as well as the story we’ve told for him and Kara. We hope the fans felt that it was a satisfying conclusion.”

Jessica Queller, another of the show’s executive producers, added this:

“They both have destinies in different times as heroes. What they did was the sort-of Casablanca decision of putting what’s most important to them — which is saving the world — first. It’s a little bittersweet that one destiny is to be a hero in this time and one’s destiny is to run the Legion in another time, but I think they grew a lot from knowing one another. They have respect for one another, and they have a respect for the decisions they respectively made.”

Rovner hastened to mention that, “We love working with Chris, so we’d love to have Mon-El back someday if the story takes us there and if Chris is available.”

In other Supergirl cast news, Jeremy Jordan’s Winn Schott will no longer be a series regular. The actor stressed on Instagram that he will be back in a reduced role (“This is not goodbye” were his exact words), but he won’t be “around the DEO every week”.

Supergirl will return to our screens in autumn, and you’ll all the latest news right here on CultBox in the coming months.

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