The BBC denies that television drama is in crisis


An article in The Telegraph at the start of the week ahs been met with a robust response from the BBC.

The piece in the paper had argued that British television drama was “in crisis”, arguing that “one series after another reeks of glossy, easily exported blandness”. It was a criticism aimed in the aftermath of the debut of Troy: Fall Of A City over the weekend.

Piers Wenger, the controller of BBC Drama, sent a response to The Telegraph, that the paper didn’t print. As such, the BBC Press Office has published the full reply from Wenger on its Twitter feed, and you can read it below…

It’s unclear why The Telegraph didn’t run the BBC’s reply (you’ll find the link to The Telegraph’s article in the Tweet above, although you’ll need to register with its site to read it). Wenger, for his part, argues that we’re in “a golden age of British drama across all the UK broadcasters”.

Troy: Fall Of A City continues on Saturday nights.